News in Brief

Direct Action

  • Members of the People of Color, Radical Caucus, Legal, Media, Direct Action and other working groups of Occupy Philly (OP) will hold a press conference at 5pm at 160 E. Meehan Avenue on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 to raise awareness of the unlawful and brutal police eviction of the Mason family. The police evicted the Masons without a warrant, attacked and arrested two of Florence Mason’s children, and held them without charges or medical attention for 24 hrs. During this press conference we will continue to help Mrs. Mason in reoccupying her house and in taking the necessary steps to resist further eviction. We will also hold a long list of police officers from the 14th and 35th districts accountable to their actions and demand reparations. While the city government and police currently threatens to forcefully remove the Occupy Philly encampment from City Hall, OP is simultaneously backing up the Mason family in their fight for dignity and justice, both struggles unfolding parallel to each other. (11/29)

General Assembly

  • The General Assembly decided on the topics it will discuss over  the next four nights. The topics are as follows:
  • Continuing the encampment at Dilworth or elsewhere
  • Occupy Philadelphia engaging with elected representatives and elections
  • Outreach throughout the city to broaden and strengthen the movement
  • Continuing the occupation without a 24/7 site
  • The discussion for Tuesday night allows for 30 minutes of discussion and is as follows:
  • Introduction/Framing: “You cannot evict an idea. What about this occupation will we not allow the police to evict?”
  • Breakout groups of 5 people: “Find an unfamiliar face and discuss” (10 minutes)
  • Report Back using the people’s mic – no stack**
  • Facilitators summed up overarching ideas into 4 topic areas
  • A straw poll was taken and a super majority of folks in attendance wanted to move forward with the 4 topics listed above (11/29)
  • On Wednesday, the Legal Collective walked an appeal letter into the City of Philadelphia at 2:45 p.m. The letter appeals the City’s decision to deny Occupy Philly’s permit for the Municipal Services Building Plaza, or Thomas Paine Plaza. The GA voted in a straw poll to support the Collective in proceeding with the appeal. The GA also passed a proposal that would give everyone a day off on Thursday, November 24, 2011, from the Coordinating Committee and the GA. Finally, a proposal passed that requires all proposals going submitted to the Coordinating Committee to be presented in writing before stack at the beginning of the meeting. (11/23)
  • On Saturday, the General Assembly empowered the Legal Collective to complete the application for a permit to move to Municipal Services Building Plaza, or Thomas Paine Plaza. (11/19)
  • Discussions about expansion/eviction will continue on Tuesday and Wednesday. A consensus vote will be taken Wednesday, and the final decision will be voted on Friday. (11/7) UPDATE: Spectrogram results are posted under General Assembly and notes for November 7, 2011 have not been made available. (11/8)
  • It has been reported that the decision about whether to stay or to move from Dilworth Plaza has been set for Friday, November 10, 2011. The Radical Caucus submitted a proposal to the General Assembly on Friday to resist eviction. Debate followed and was continued on Saturday. More to come as details become available. (11/5)


  • Both the Food Committee and the Safety Committee are looking for volunteers. See onsite for more details.

Seminars and Training

  • WITNESS FOR PEACE MID-ATLANTIC SPEAKERS TOUR presents “U.S. Military and Economic Violence in Nicaragua: Roots of Migration.” Uriel Carazo, founding member of  The Promoters of Peace and Development
    in Nicaragua on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, at 5 PM. Presented by the  Christian Association at Penn. Located at 118 S 37th Street (37th and Sansom).  Migration and its root causes have been an integral part of the post-war
    reconciliation process in Nicaragua. The Peace Promoters have found that most Nicaraguans, no matter their political leaning or past military involvement – Contra or Sandinista – are facing many of the same issues.
    Working closely with families as a conflict mediator, a lawyer, and a disability rights activist, Uriel has increasingly come across a single issue: migration. He will talk about migration and the large systematic dynamics behind it, especially in terms of Nicaragua’s often-contentious relationship with the United States.
  • C.T. Butler, activist and nonviolent mediator, will provide seminars on Saturday and Sunday in consensus facilitation. He began the organization Food Not Bombs, and will be traveling around to various occupation sites in the coming months. Seminars will be held at 11 a.m. on both days. You can read more about C.T. here. (11/5-11/6)
  • Facilitation will have two training seminars this weekend: Saturday at 1 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m. These will be located at 15th St. and JFK Blvd. No facilitation experience is necessary. Our facilitators ensure the General Assembly and our process of direct democracy run smoothly. If you do not like working in crowds, this working group has other roles that need participants. Sign up here to get involved. (11/5-11/6)


  • You can’t elect change march. From Cantor to Clinton, and from Romney to Obama, it doesn’t matter what party or campaign slogan, all politicians serve the 1%. That is why, on Tuesday, November 8, Occupy Philly will protest President Obama’s presence in Philadelphia. Begins at 8:30 a.m. (11/8)
  • We are showing solidarity for the Black is Back Coalition by marching in the Stop the Wars and Build the Resistance! A ‘Black is Back Coalition’ event. The rally at Broad & Susquehanna begins at noon, followed by a march down Broad Street
    beginning at 2pm. GA announcements Friday night stated the City of Philadelphia had denied permits for this march because Occupy Philly is using too many resources. We would like to show our solidarity. (11/5)
  • The Bank Transfer Day Action will take place at 15th and Market Sts. Join Occupiers in moving their money from large banks to local organizations. The action begins at 2 p.m. (11/5)

Working Groups

  • A Working Group Fair will be held on Sunday. If you want to get more involved, come down on Sunday to explore the working groups. Find one or more that suits your interests. (11/5)
  • The Dilworth Plaza working group will meet on both Saturday and Sunday night at 9 p.m. to discuss issues relevant to Dilworth Plaza. (11/5)
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