General Assembly

General Assembly Notes Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Proposals that passed GA tonight:

1 – 12/10 event, hosted by Occupy Together WG & CoC WG, day of discussion, resource exchange, networking. 10am-6pm at Friends Center, open to all. Will have different meetings in different places, topics will be decided by those there. Not asking GA to do anything, Occupy Together is doing planning, simply asking for GA endorsement.

 2 – On Saturday 12/3, OP will hold a celebration declaring our VICTORY by surrounding City Hall in solidarity and marching to Independence Hall to hold an assembly.

Welcome – John

Ground Rules / Agenda – Dave



Working Group Reportbacks – Jesse

Chris (PR) – Everyday we’re getting more followers to Facebook, Twitter, Livestream. Please express yourself through the Livestream camera, see Michael. Let us know what is going on with your WG, we’ll put in online.

Kenny (Port Richmond homeless advocate) – We were led to believe that we could stay. They said we had to leave at 12pm. Harvey talked to 26th precinct, said we could move under underpass. No way of getting back and forth to OP. People were helping out all day, would be nice if people here could give some more help. Used to get tokens, since they passed those flyers out saying we had to leave Sunday 5pm, tokens have stopped. Trying to figure out a way to acquire transportation & funds. Is there a way to help these people, and donate blankets?

Chris (Economic Empowerment) – [Handout] Please take this and give us your feedback. Thanks!

Sally (Messaging) – OWS announced that Sunday 12/18 is Immigrants Occupy Day. Labor, Messaging, POC are trying to organize and reach out to immigrant communities in Philly. Talk to me or other people . Also 545pm tomorrow, 4th process meeting here at Friends Center.

Mairead (Food) – Food WG is “delicious and delirious” right now. Please donate food.

Harvey (Port Richmond homeless advocate) – Police and everybody gave us permission to occupy under 95. We were not raided. We are still with Occupy.

Homelessness Discussion – Sarah

Chris reads list: Pallets, Skids, Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Food, Water, Tarps, Flashlights, Clothes, Batteries, First Aid Supplies, Shampoo, Quarters for Laundromat, Subway Tokens. List is on Interfaith WG page.

Q – Toilet facilities?

A – Use mall before it closes.

About 30 people originally, maybe half that now.

Open Stack Discussion on Homelessness:

Should call them Occupy Port Richmond to clarify.

Would it be helpful for OP to hold GA there and show some solidarity?

Harvey – I still have email contact. Can keep in touch.

Sally – New encampment has a road, if

Katrina – That’s my neighborhood, I’m not too trusting of the 26th precinct giving their blessing for any period of time. Formal recognition

12/13 6-8pm Church at 700 East Gall Street.

Alex – Has anyone come back to Dilworth?

Kenny – No, homeless outreach (Project Home) comes by and helps.

Dave – Can you clarify Dennis Payne’s participation at this point?

Harvey – Dennis Payne is on a separate agenda, is not part of Occupy, he brought this to our attention and said everything was cleared to go. He created HAVOC, it’s an idea of his he’s trying to start, he just wants attention. He is not a part of this anymore. We agreed as a group to keep him away from homeless society. I (Harvey) am the one who is the point person on this, and we still are a part of Occupy.

Kenny – Dennis is not a part of OP and never was. He used this situation to springboard his idea. It would have been nice if it had worked out, but it didn’t happen that way.

Emmanuel – We went out yesterday, and Sally came up with a great idea. The situation with the homeless population in Port Richmond is supposed to be transitional. Until I got educated yesterday on shelters, I didn’t really the shelter system was so bad. We need to leverage our public dollars and . Perhaps OP should start monitoring homeless shelters to get City to better use our tax dollars to help homeless people transition.

Mairead – I would be willing to help them go and clean up shelters, hopefully other Occupiers would join me.

Jessica (Outreach WG) – I think Outreach as a WG can take this on as an initiative, act as a point-group on this issue. Can send this out to Outreach listserv and start working on this. Can we pick a time to meet up and set a deadline for revisiting? Will bring something to CoCo tomorrow.

Would like to see something in parallel to shelter reform, maybe a public demand from Port Richmond community. Listing what you guys needs. Would be great to have a press conference.

Katrina – It’s a little more complicated than just the shelter system being a mess. Federal money going to Philadelphia to put emphasis on more permanent housing for people. Need to really do our research and be really sharp in addressing this. People didn’t do their homework on Dilworth Plaza, we need to really do research on this before something like a press conference.

Alex – As an organizer, everything who is and wants to work on this, can work on this together so there’s one coherent group to get this done effectively.

Emmanuel – The shelter suggestion was about transitional support to avoid sleeping under I-95, federal permanent housing reform is the other half of it, the long-term half.


Proposal – Alex

Jacob – 12/10 event, hosted by Occupy Together WG & CoC WG, day of discussion, resource exchange, networking. 10am-6pm at Friends Center, open to all. Will have different meetings in different places, topics will be decided by those there. Not asking GA to do anything, Occupy Together is doing planning, simply asking for GA endorsement.

CQ – Is there some sort of steering committee? How do topics work?

A – There will be some facilitation of topics. Some of the concerns of various occupations we all share together. Philly Occupy Together has a longer description of event.

CQ – Read proposal again.

A – [reads proposal]

CQ – Could you repeat website?

A –

CQ – What can we do to help with food, etcetera?

A – RSVP on website.

C – I think it’s great.

C – I will probably vote for it.

C – 12/17 event exists.

A – Different date, unrelated. Discussion of a larger Northeast Corridor gathering in February will be on agenda at this meeting.

CQ – Any confirmation from any other Occupies?

A – This is not for representatives of Occupies, just an invitation for individuals.




Discussion 2 – Alex

We are still there, eviction has come and gone, two questions:

Question 1 – What does it mean for OP’s strategy moving forward that we’re still at Dilworth Plaza even after Sunday’s eviction?

10 minute Breakouts Groups


1 – Made a list of some ideas of what it means. 1) we need to be on guard in case police still try to come. Might not want to make a scene. 2) a lot of people were lost, lots of tents, pallets, etcetera, 3) maybe the city is waiting for us to internally break down, 4) maybe some positives, we’re finally talking about what we’re here for, a lot of signs, a switch in focus from thinking about how it’s important to have a physical occupation and starting to be open and discuss the idea of something more broad. Maybe they’re giving us time on. We’re out of their league.

2 – Dilworth has a lot of symbolic sentimental meaning for us, but the movement is not really about this space. Direct Action in Mount Airy today shows we’re . A lot of agreement about 24/7 presence somewhere.

3 – Our group discussed police tactics. Some said police standing us up meant nothing, some said they’re trying to wear us out. Dilworth seems to be getting worn out, we need to move away from fear, feel free to join us out at the park. Important to continue occupying other spaces. Occupy is a verb, our community is a lively community, not just people sitting around.

4 – General consensus that it may be time to move out into community and stop focusing on Dilworth Plaza. Need to bring in more people. Occupy abandoned buildings, helps homeless and 24/7 occupiers. Would like to see more Direct Actions, stop playing games with cops and start doing stuff again. We want to make a difference.

5 – Construction will require a fence and subway entrance closures to actually protect the space. They may not actually fence it off until right before construction actually begins, so it could be a while.

6 – Discussed idea of relaxing a little bit. Flashmob GAs in different public spaces and parks throughout the city. Make it a fun way to establish base in communities around Philly. Occupying or renting office space. Establishing a non-profit organization.

7 – Even though it looks like we’re weakening, we’re not leaving anytime soon.

Caroline – If you have a friend or a friend of a cop, etcetera, please don’t spread rumors or paranoia. Tired of persistent “cop friend says” rumors. If you want to be a part of the Rapid Response phone tree, just commit to calling/texting 10 friends.

8 – Many different opinions. Very important to hold Dilworth. Need a new strategy. In the 1930s tent cities made a lot of sense, good for starting conversation, need to start something new.

Question 2: In what ways is it important for our movement to have a 24/7 encampment?

Open Stack for comments

1 – Not enough resolve in our movement to hold a space without a permit. Need to take space and stand our ground, period. Flash GA idea is awesome.

2 – There’s a larger context around particular TPP move, I think we could do it better if we actually planned it. The longer that we’re in a space for 24/7, the more our rights are expressed.

3 – Homebase. Feels comforting in a way. Will be sad when we’re not at Dilworth anymore, it’s where we know we can go if we want to be together. Need a space like that.

4 – Relationships between people, 24/7 helps do that. Building is fine as long as it’s big enough to house anyone who wants to come. Flash GAs are great if transportation is provided.

5 – Changed my life to remove myself from my mother’s house in South Jersey and join occupation. I don’t have enough money to go back and forth. We’re not Occupy City Hall, we’re Occupy Philadelphia.

6 – We have multiple resources from the community. Need revenue. Growing food, need to find space for that. Let’s find large warehouse, make it an arboretum and a space to house occupation.

7 – Important, but should not be distracted from working within inner city. Should do flash GAs in inner city to hear specific local voices.

8 – 24/7 encampment is difficult to maintain. Seen a lot of burnout. Not arguing against it. Taken a lot of work, need to be honest about that and evaluate what it will take through winter. Responsibility to vulnerable folks, we have to be able to meet those needs. Need to be honest about what burnout looks like. Make sure we CAN do it.

9 – I like this conversation. Like idea of taking over a building, a symbolic building, need to make a decision based on what our needs are as a community, how to avoid that burnout, how to carry on. If we’re gonna make a choice on where we’re gonna be, it should be about us, not about space being symbolic. I like Flash GAs, but we need to think ahead of time and do outreach, ask beforehand about needs. Can’t just do it, have to do it right and be responsible.

10 – Should avoid using term “Flash Mob” altogether. Very controversial phrase.


Proposal 2 – Jacob

Matthew – We have had victories. We have continued to call city’s bluff. Over and over again we have these opportunities, but we’re starting to fall into a despair when we continue to win and grow. 1500 people at GA on Sunday, largest ever.

On Saturday 12/3, OP will hold a celebration declaring our VICTORY by surrounding City Hall in solidarity and marching to Independence Hall to hold an assembly.

CQ – After this assembly, are you planning on coming back to Dilworth, or letting people disperse?

A – Allows people to get to make their choices. Just an assembly to make people’s voices heard.

CQ – Is there a weather report, and what time?

A – Time will be worked out by WGs, assume early afternoon, probably around 2pm. 44 degrees and sunny.

CQ – In the even that camp is no longer at Dilworth, would rally still stage at City Hall?

A – Yes.

CQ – It is “winning” or “victory?”

A – Victory. Reference to War is Over movement.

CQ – How would declaring victory affect our plans for the winter, and would it affect plans for a 24/7 encampment?

A – General victory.

CQ – Would eviction change anything about event?

A – No.

CQ – Are we going to have OWS people, plastic drums, and congo lines?

A – I would love that.

C – I love the idea of celebrating. The idea of having 1500 people come and surround City Hall bothers me. Proposes door hangers.

C – Appreciate impulse to want to celebrate our successes. Having a victory party at Independence Mall suggests we have had successes for the general public, and we’re not quite there yet.

C – Similar concern. Doesn’t make sense that we would go back to Dilworth Plaza, this should be the thing we do when we leave Dilworth.

C – I like it. It’s a celebration of saying “we’re still here, we’re still strong, etc.” Fully support it.

C – I like it. 1) in terms of messaging, we should put together a list of specific accomplishments, would be good publicity, 2) the best thing we did all Occupation was Sunday night’s discussion of dreams and goals, should incorporate that

C – Like the idea of gathering a bunch of people, brings a lot of energy.

Jacob – Because this is a rather fluid proposal, I’d like to suggest that we be able to cover them simply by talking by Matthew, that we think very carefully about we have a specific amendment, much can be accomplished in a planning meeting.

FA1 – We would really like to invite rank and file union people in full color to march with us as the 99%.

Alex – Would like to suggest that ideas like that, which are great ideas, be brought to planning meeting.

FA1 withdrawn.

FA2 – “Victory” comes off as antagonizing and cocky. Change “victory” to “successes.”

FA2CQ – Can I hear title of this day with the word “successes” in it.

On Saturday 12/3, OP will hold a celebration declaring our SUCCESSES by surrounding City Hall in solidarity and marching to Independence Hall to hold an assembly.

Straw Poll on keeping amendment on table or removing it


FA3 – Party on 12/3 be a decentralized party throughout entire City.



Concerns on FA3:

1 – Might be premature, sound like George Bush

2 – Chosen for strength

3 – We have successes but we don’t have victories, our goals have not been met

4 – Tactical powerful word, and I think OP should use the strongest word possible, should use strategies of those who oppress us against them

5 – Positive concern, I like the word “Victory”, even playing off the George Bush thing, could be a

6 – I’m personally embarrassed to put positive spin on this, sounds like GWB

7 – Could care less what words George Bush used. I’m in favor of sounding cocky.


8 in favor of changing victory to “successes”

15 opposed



On Saturday 12/3, OP will hold a celebration declaring our VICTORY by surrounding City Hall in solidarity and marching to Independence Hall to hold an assembly.



3 opposed.



Lauren – Former Philadelphia Councilwoman Arlene Ackerman has filed for unemployment.

Bri – Occupy Vacant Lot meeting, tomorrow 5pm Friends Center.

Sean – 1130pm bell tower at Temple (13th and Berks), Occupy Temple action

Mairead – Anyone who has been researching on plans to occupy other spaces, please meet with me after GA.

Matthew – Victory Celebration meeting after GA at Rittenhouse Cosi (17th and Walnut).

Jacob – check out my blog Jacob Russell’s Barking Dog for more ideas on what we can do

Celebration – Alex

General Assembly Notes Monday, November 28, 2011

Proposal 1 – Sarah

Occupy Philadelphia demands an end to the racist curfew.

Clarifying Questions, Concerns




Discussion – Matthew

Going to have a discussion tonight on how to structure the next four nights of discussions, under the general topic of where do we go next as a movement?

Breakout Group Reportbacks

Matthew – Encourage people from Breakout Group to tell us what we need to do to move this Occupation forward. Please mic check.

1 – I spoke to four people. Our main concerns were our frustrations with the current electoral process. Campaign finance reform. Considered boycotting elections.

2 – One person suggested that we ask the unions if they would be able to provide any office space for us, as one of our demands for leaving this space and standing in solidarity with them.

3 – Occupy More Foreclosed Homes and also buildings, and spreading our occupation. Talked about DC having a 24/7 permit and perhaps there are other permits we could be fighting for. Other locations and strategies for physical occupations. Also talked about now we have bare bones of an organization. Listservs and facebooks and websites of people interested in organizing in the community. That would be a great start for organizing in the future together. One way we could do that is to create forums for WGs that already exist and will exist in the future to meet multiple times a week through the winter and FOREVER!

4 – I ran for President in 2008. I’m running again. I’ve already had this all written about boycotting the primaries in Iowa because they don’t let independents or third party get in. And therefore, [name] wants to tell you what you should do when the police bust you.

4.1 – We were in DC when a hurricane hit. All the Senators and Congressmen got out of town, and the mayor shut down all the transportation. People on street were there, out in wind. If wind had been stronger they would have been projected through windows. Solution: you should request that your representative witness what happens to you when they take over.

5 – 3 main things. Something local that we could do to get communities behind us. How we can change narrative of our events to become less confrontational and controversial. We decided we should establish Philadelphia Education Reform Committee, will focus on legislation, innovation, and community outreach, which we feel will help in bridging the faith-based and under-21 communities.

6 – All races and religions should come together as one. We started a movement 50+ days ago, we need to come together as one and actually focus on what we came together for. We all are bothered by the issues that we suffer from, from the Federal Gov’t. We are all stuck in the same situation that we live in. Every neighborhood should be………..outreached to and advised in every civic association, and senior center, and we should collect the inventory of their suggestions and concerns and incorporate that in our movement. If we do that we will strengthen together as one no matter what our concerns are. We clash together, personalities are gonna clash, we have egos, we can’t come together sometimes, but we need to work on unity as one. The system is fucked up. It’s been fucked up for years. Generations. We came together to fix and move it on.

7 – This space is the heart of OP. We need to keep this space. Need to stay here in solidarity. One group member talked about how in Portland they had a 12-hour protest and ended up being evicted because people left. If we stand together, they won’t take us down. Need to keep face-to-face contact. Facebook is important as a great networking, but we need to talk face-to-face. One last point: we need to make this a grassroots movement. Start occupying your neighborhoods. Local change is much more effective. The people united will never be defeated.

8 – We’re discussing a lot here. If you hear a voice you’re interested in, talk to that person after this meeting. Let’s work together and continue this conversation after this meeting.

Matthew – Moving on with our agenda, but this conversation is not done. I missed a voice!

9 – The mayor and the police are trying to avoid confrontation and wait us out here and make us get bored. Some of us think we should just stay here. Others thought we should take over Rittenhouse Square and do an aggressive act. Some thought it’s important to have a public space to base our actions and find one another. Some were concerned about the winter and sleeping in the snow might be dangerous. Others said maybe we could have during the winter a daytime occupation as long as we have that central space. We also talked about the construction project here as a strategic complication, whereas if we went to Rittenhouse, the strategy is quite clear, our message is more clear. Also important to outreach to low-income communities in Philly, could organize campaigns on specific issues that low-income people are concerned about, curfew being one example.

10 – We need to keep this a peaceful protest. That means no violence. Thank you.

Matthew – Any last groups want to report back about how we will not let the police or the City evict this movement because you cannot evict an idea?!

11 – Perpetual tear gas cloud…..ask why wasn’t a congressman or a preacher or an administrator there? Because that curbs them, they have investigations……..when I was your age……etcetera

12 [no mic check] – I think that we should occupy a building.

13 – Speaking for group that was here last night, we had to keep morale high, we danced a lot, we marched down the street, because we’re not protesting construction happening here, we’re assembling, and the message is greater than that. Anywhere interested in staying here tonight, you should, it’s fun, you get to talk to each other. For instance, I learned about the Situationist movement of 1968, also known as the Occupationist Movement.

14 –  Anybody notice the huge fort over there that’s being built in protest against us being evicted. We’ve been interviewed, and they twisted my words. It’s supposed to be against them being able to move us out. It has plastic running through the pallets, gas and spray proof, not that they are going to use those things. Donate screws and nails, or grab a hammer, or just seek shelter there.

Conclusion – Matthew

1. Staying and holding ground here

2. Electoral politics and working with governments

3. Outreach and ways to connect with City to broaden Movement

4. Continuing this Movement offsite with the infrastructure we’ve built



Normal GA structure will continue, and this will be weaved into the Agenda each night.


GA Agenda Wednesday 11/23/11

Welcome/Groundrules/Agenda/Working Group Reportbacks



[5pm Coordinating Committee (CoCo) meeting may add items to the agenda. The typical process is that a proposal is brought to CoCo, and if it is approved to go to the GA, it is brought to the GA the following day. Many Working Groups and individuals are working to clarify and reform this process for the sake of transparency, accountability, and effective function.]


[notes by Dave]

General Assembly Notes, Saturday, November 26, 2011

Welcome – Ivan

“We plant the seed that one day will grow.” That was one of the mottoes of the US Social Forum and I think it works here too. “We are a greenhouse.”

Occupy may be a movement, but I see a thousand movements here, spreading like wildflowers. No matter where we go, we are nurtured by the work of thousands of people in Philadelphia who have worked through the decades for a better city and a better world. “We plant the seeds that one day will grow.” Welcome!

Agenda – Ivan

1. Discussion on a Code of Conduct for Occupy Philadelphia. This will only be a discussion.

2. Working Group Reportbacks

3. 4 Proposals. These proposals were brought to OP by Working Groups (WG).

1. That we support homeless individuals who are here who want to move to Logan Square.

2. That the day after any eviction, we meet in Rittenhouse Square at 4pm, and if there have been arrests, we march to the Police Roundhouse for a 7pm GA.

3. That General Assemblies following the day after the eviction happen at the Friends Center.

4. That we reduce the frequencies of General Assemblies each week.

Trina from Occupy Chicago – Hello OP brothers and sisters! I come bringing love and support and solidarity from OC! We feel where you are right now. I want to tell you really briefly about our eviction history. We tried to take a camp in Grant Park. We had 3000 people march and rally. We tried to set up tents. 175 people were arrested. It’s not that scary. Did it again next weekend, had 130 people arrested, including 2 nurses from Nurses United who were providing medical support. Came back two weeks later with a smaller action and were evicted again, but we’re still strong and still fighting. Winter Building Chicago Spring: we spend the winter building an indoor community space and getting out to all the neighborhoods of Chicago, telling them who we are, why they should be with us, why we stand with them in all their struggles. Community service, Direct Actions in neighborhood, flyering, teach-ins in neighborhoods, taking this out of Center City to the greater city, so that come Chicago Spring, on April 7, that we can make a large showing that we’re still here! Chicago winters are cold, Chicago police force is nasty, but they can’t shut us out, can’t shut us down, we will still be there in the spring! We need you on April 7! In Chicago if you can, if not here. Our social media team would like you to tweet with #APR7, we’re trying to get the word out, trying to plan now, so Occupies can say “We are still here!” Love from Occupy Chicago!

Ground Rules – Ivan

1. Respect each other.

2. Please keep access ramps clear.

3. We are all sanitation.

4. Tonight, we’d like to ask folks to keep this half of our circle free of smoking for those who have issues breathing secondhalf smoke. Again, please respect one another.

We acknowledge that we are on occupied land of the Lenape, and to the best of our ability, we seek to fight racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, and other oppressions.

Finally, remember the principle of Step Up Step Back. If you have not yet spoken please step up. If you have spoken, please step back and let others speak.

If you can’t hear someone, a finger in the air.

If you agree with someone is saying, twinkle fingers.

If you disagree with what someone is saying, but still love them, downward twinkle fingers.

If you hav

At this point I am going to turn it over to the Working Group Reportbacks.

Michael Blas tries to disrupt GA.

The Occupiers and the homeless came together at the end of the GA to try and discuss what our plan of action would be. I was there personally and participated.

Our first item is a discussion on Code of Conduct.

Michael continues to interrupt. Crowd turns away.

Alex – We are now going to move into breakout groups. Please discuss whether a code of conduct is a good t you would like


My committee

no profanity


If you have a reportback please raise your hand and get on stack.

Alex: GA should turn around and sit down.


Our group discussed a code of conduct.

We believe the code of conduct should include using the open mics to present your opinions, otherwise it’s just disorder and we’re not gonna accomplish anything. Also the code of conduct should include nonviolence and possibly…

I’m gonna repeat if you are part of the General Assembly and not part of Safety, please sit down.

Do we have other ideas to report back on a Code of Conduct.

There is a General Code of Conduct. Maybe we can vote on that and adopt it. Otherwise, nonviolence should be at the top of the Code of Conduct. After that should be respect. You don’t talk over other people or intentionally disrupt a meeting. If there is a provision for dissent, we should think of a way to enforce the Code.

Any other report backs about the Code of Conduct?

Moving along with our agenda. Are there any WGs that have something to report back. Raise your hand and find Solomon if you want to report back.

Working Group Reportbacks –

My name is Tony from Friends Center Working Group. Friends Center will be open starting at 2pm tomorrow and will stay open through eviction.

Francis from Interfaith spent much time preparing a plan to help the homeless in case of eviction. We want to remind you this is a nonviolent movement, everyone’s behavior reflects on the movement, and if you choose to stay, you risk arrest.

Iwanka from Interoccupy – Other occupies are scheduled for eviction. Long Beach and Los Angeles want to join forces with us, between right now and some time Monday. Conference call. They would like to coordinate a sit-in called “From Sea to Shining Sea.” We should show solidarity with all and not against all. At this time by all of our members who need to remember solidarity, trust, the 99%, that We the People must work together. Thank you, Chicago! Thank you DC! Los Angeles, Long Beach, call us, we’re waiting! Thank you!

John is also taking stack. Who’s next?

Sally – Messaging has a process meeting for restructuring the GA Monday 545pm at Friends Center. Please everyone come! If you can’t make it, give me your email address because we’re starting an email group to discuss the process.

We’re all out here fighting, why are we being ignored.

Let’s respect one another. There’s no respect if we don’t listen to one another. So let’s listen to the people who are speaking. Who is next on the stack?

Solomon – We should be focusing on the imminent situation that will be apparent tomorrow. That is the most important thing. Because if we don’t know what we are doing, people will be hurt. So let’s refocus the attention on what’s important, aka the eviction.

Alex – Earlier today there was a meeting in the Arch Street Church to talk about the eviction tomorrow and what we should do about it. Is there someone here who can reportback to us about what happened and what was discussed in that meeting? Please raise your hand if you were there and you know what was discussed.

Hollister – One group met with members of the homeless population to identify options where they could have a safe place and not risk arrest. There are a couple of options: one is being led by Harvey, who has identified a place distant from here, which we are not naming because we don’t want to let the media know. Harvey is organizing transportation and will help homeless people pack up their tents and move there. So you should see Harvey about that. There are some homeless who felt fear about moving so far away. So another option that is being proposed is that the homeless who wish to stay in Center City move to Logan Square where there is already a homeless population and an ongoing feeding program. That is one of the proposals coming here tonight. The other half of the meeting was those who want to protest, and I need someone else to speak to that discussion.

Steve – I’m going to talk about what was discussed at the other half of the meeting. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or if I missed anything. We talked about strategy in relation to tomorrow’s eventual eviction. One of the strategies is to sit and lock arms in a snake fashion, if you are prepared to be arrested.

Jeff brings megaphone.

Steve continues – One possibility was sitting down and locking arms in a snake formation. Those who choose not to be arrested should coordinate their actions to support those who are sitting once it is clear that arrests will be made. People who choose not to be arrested might move offsite once it is clear that arrests are happening, and they will begin a march potentially around Dilworth Plaza. There is a possibility that those sitting in the plaza locking arms can then get up and join the people marching around the plaza. There will also be people, including myself, coordinating jail solidarity if there are arrests. We will be getting supplies to people doing jail solidarity. There will be a meeting outside the Roundhouse if there are mass arrests. We will have people there ready to speak to the media to tell them why we are and that we stand in solidarity with anything arrested. Hopefully tonight we can finalize some proposals about how our action will unfold tomorrow. Please stay and participate so that we can have a strong and coordinated action.

Solomon – The purpose of standing our ground tomorrow is symbolic. We are not trying to get arrested. What we want to do is get up when the time is right and join our brothers and sisters outside of the situation in an organized march around Philadelphia. This shows that we are as a collective focused on the movement, which is not about Dilworth, but about working within our community to bring real change. So tomorrow come and join us. Lock us, hold signs, and when they come in, we will get up in silence and march. We will show the city that we are ready to move on to Phase 2.

Larry – Those were the concerns and messages of the meetings held together. Right now, in our General Assembly, we are going to move to the proposals which are relevant to those discussions. I want to be very clear: this is going to be difficult, but we need to get through them because there are a lot of people depending on us getting through them. So please be patient, please be loud, and please participate. Our first proposal will be facilitated by Alex.

Proposal 1 – Alex and Sarah

Alex – I am looking for two people. The first person is Brian, who is bringing the proposal about Logan Square. He was here, where did he go? Brian, come up here! The second person I’m looking here is Chris from the Comfort WG, who may have a key to the Arch Street Methodist Church. Does anyone know where Chris is?

While we’re waiting, Larry has volunteered to present the proposal until Brian gets here. All attention on Larry. One last reminder: please sit down so we can hear each other and we can see Larry or whoever’s speaking. Please sit down.

Larry – The first proposal was presented to the Coordinating Committee today as a result of the Arch Street Meeting.

Proposal 1: We create a safe space at Logan Square for the homeless population in solidarity with Occupy Philly around eviction.

We need to take Clarifying Questions on the Proposal.

CQ: Yesterday Harvey told everyone who is homeless if you want to move from here to a safe place, meet with him at 4pm tomorrow.

Are there any CQs about creating a safe space for the homeless population at Logan Square?

CQ: What does Harvey want from GA? Does he want us to set up food or medic?

A: Harvey is asking GA and OP to support the homeless in moving to Logan Square, i.e. marching with them to protect them against police, and helping them create a safe space at Logan Square.

Alex – To clarify, this proposal is coming from Brian, who is a homeless man, who is not Harvey. Harvey and Dennis are encouraging people who want to, to go to another location which is further away. This proposal is specifically for those homeless people and their supporters who don’t feel comfortable going that far away and would rather go to Logan Circle. I hope that’s clear.

Larry – Are there any more CQs about this proposal? For the sake of efficiency, if you have a CQ, raise your hand and make eye contact with me.

Maryann – I’m not going with Harvey because I’m trying to stay clean. Why would I go to a place where people are smoking dope.

Alex – Next question is over here, so follow me with your eyes.

Larry – All eyes right here.

CQ – Children are the future.

Larry – The next CQ comes from this gentleman. He would like to know if Logan Square is feasible. Can this happen tonight? Can anyone speak to that?

CQ – When would this move happen? And would it be a part of our solidarity action and march tomorrow?

A – (Alex) My response is: to move to Logan Square would happen before 5pm tomorrow and anyone who would be willing to stand in solidarity trying to create that safe space should be invited to go with them. Still looking for Brian. Next on stack.

Are there any more CQ?

A –

Alex -We have access to the Arch Street Church. Straw poll to reconvene the GA inside the Arch Street Church right now. Raise your hand if you want to move to the Arch St. Methodist Church:








Alex leads song inside Church:

When the movement’s inspiration

through the 99 percent has run

there shall be no power greater

anywhere beneath the sun

but what force on earth is greater

than the people’s strength as one

for the movement makes us strong


Alex – Continue with proposal. We lost Brian but we’re continuing anyway. We heard CQs, would like to move into Concerns. Let’s restate proposal

Proposal 1: OP will create a safe space and stand in solidarity at Logan Square before eviction for the homeless to go to.


C – Might create division and not solidarity.

C – Member of homeless population, will be making move to Logan Square. I am a certified Medic, as we move forward, me personally, I’m a survivor of torture, want to know if OP organization can organize to be some type of advocate on behalf of justice that I have to receive because of systematic injustices that have already transpired. If you all advocate to the appropriate representative office that some type of government intervention is necessary to facilitate justice from injustice. Would you be willing to do that? Or would legal representation be feasible?

Alex – Trying to remain focused on Logan Square proposal.

C (Maryann) –

C (Hollister) – Should clarify that Harvey has an alternate plan to move homeless to distant spot. Two options for homeless, neither’s perfect, but we want to keep them safe if they don’t want to be arrested. This is a compromise to try and have a place for the homeless in Center City.

C (Gordon) – This government is hiding behind Homeland Security, hiding behind Patriot Acts, having our community stalked with aircraft, putting chemicals in the air, messing with people’s minds, bodies, killing people. Want to hear from other man who spoke about torture.

Alex attempts to facilitate.

C (Gordon) – There are aircraft, etcetera.

C (Jason) – When the homeless are moved to Logan, they will become a detachment away from the main body of the movement. Goal is, I hope, to keep homeless central to concerns of 99%. Can they take tents to new location? City doesn’t want tents at TPP. Not sure if Logan would allow tents.

C (Tim) – Solomon rode his bike around several parks, cops were already out at a few parks, if we do march with the homeless tomorrow or Monday, the police will already be there to break up whatever occurs.

C (Kenny) – Is Logan feasible? Starting to think from hearing people speak that it isn’t gonna be happen.

C – We need to find a way to keep feeding people, if we send them off somewhere, we need to consider how to continue to provide food.

Alex – Across from Logan Circle there are regular meals that happen. Brian, who brought the proposal, is excited about library, bathrooms, and meal services there.

C (Kenny) – Everybody already knows where to go, as long as you don’t have a tent. We know what we’re doing. I just wanted to go and keep my tent too, but I see that isn’t gonna happen. We were here before you guys at Dilworth.

Larry – There are already homeless people at Logan, they just don’t have tents.


FA1 (Cindy) – Can we just say that this is a great idea and support it? It seems strange to vote on it. My FA is let’s just support it, not vote on it. Just offer solidarity. Let’s make it not a proposal and just support them.

CQ: Is this particularly about Logan Square? [yes] We will already be disrupting homeless people there.

CQ: Is OP moving with the homeless, or is OP going somewhere else?

A (Amanda) – Rapid Response plan is still intact, so we’re not making any decisions until day after eviction at 4pm at Rittenhouse Square.

Alex – Concerns about amendment?

C – Positive concern, this is what we should be doing to offer supprt to homeless.

C (Stacey) – First time here, since everybody do have homes, why you don’t bring the homeless into your homes and feed them?

Direct Response (Emmanuel) – I have a 7 year old and a 10 year old daughter, I’m not even bringing my family into my home!

CINDY RESTATES AMENDMENT: Instead of proposal, it seems like a bunch of people who don’t have homes to go to after tomorrow decided that they want to move to Logan Square. It’s not a proposal, just an act of solidarity.

We’re all stressed, it feels like it’s going to happen anyway, so can’t we just announce what’s going to happen tomorrow.


Q – If we’re gonna support or stand in solidarity with the homeless groups at Logan Circle, because if we’re under attack from all around, what strategy will we take to stand with those?



Gwen – Spoke to Reverend Robert Heineke, tomorrow is first Sunday of Advent, please make sure to take good care of Sanctuary, please pick up trash, we can not afford to lose our allies at this critical hour!

PROPOSAL 2 – Larry

Jacob – At such time at City moves in, we meet at Rittenhouse Square, and if there are arrests, that we then march to Roundhouse (8th and Race) and hold GA in front of Roundhouse.

Larry restates proposal:

If eviction happens and there are arrests, we meet at Rittenhouse at 4pm as planned, then march to Roundhouse for 7pm GA/jail solidarity.

CQ – If you march to Roundhouse, wouldn’t that put people in jeopardy of arrest?

A – We wouldn’t have tents, we would simply be assembling, if we were arrested it would be a violation of our First Amendment rights.

CQ (Diane) – [direct response] If 74 or less people are marching and you don’t block traffic, you can’t get arrested.

CQ (Amanda) – Since they’ve never held anyone for 24 hours, where will GA be held if everyone’s out?

A – These would be things we would discuss at Rittenhouse. We would still stick to 4pm Rittenhouse plan and decide there when to march to Roundhouse if necessary.


C (Sally) – Rather than waiting until Monday night, why can’t we do it on Sunday night?

C (Per) – 4pm may not be optimal time to gather maximum size crowd.

C (Ben) – I really like Rittenhouse 4pm idea, think we’ll be angry and amped-up, and I think we should march regardless, and Roundhouse should be among them. Concern with having GA outside Roundhouse with stifling and overwhelming police presence.

C (Ivan) – If the police are overwhelmingly in force at Rittenhouse Square, with OP having announced that, what should we do?

C (Alex) – 1) Our permit ends at 5pm Sunday but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will be evicted then. We don’t now exactly when. Could be in middle of night. 2) Right across street from Roundhouse is Franklin Square which provides plenty of room for GA.

C – If we have GA at Roundhouse would be easier for everybody to remember to that cops are always listening to us.

C – They told us they’d be there at 5pm on Sunday, so why would they come in middle of night?


FA1 (Gwen) – We hold GA at Roundhouse if there are still people in Roundhouse, if not, at Friends Center.

CQ (Ivan) – If people get released at, say, 345pm, can you publicize it quickly enough?

A (Diane) – We’ve been trying to post it, will post on legal FB page, will have to rely on word-of-mouth.

A (Gwen) – Will be at Rittenhouse at force, word will spread there.

Jacob – This wouldn’t preclude going to Roundhouse for jail solidarity when arrests happen.

C – Contingent plans do not maximize number of people.




27 FOR



VOTE ON AMENDED PROPOSAL 2: Day after eviction we will meet at 4pm at Rittenhouse Square. If there are still people in Roundhouse, we will march there for 7pm GA. If not, will hold 7pm GA at Friends Center.



Proposal 3 – Nate

Future GAs, until we decide otherwise, happen at Friends Center, with exception of first post-eviction GA (which will be at Roundhouse or Friends Center).


CQ (Amanda) – Do we have OK and support from Friends Center to use it every night of week?

A – need to clarify that

Point of process – if we don’t actually know if Friends Center will be available, does it make sense to discuss this proposal?

Direct response (Hollister) – Tony from AFSE told us tonight that he thinks that will be acceptable to Friends Center.

CQ (Colin) – Is there a reason why we need to decide this tonight? Could we decide this post-eviction?

A (Larry) – Mark, who proposed this, his intention was that OP post-eviction we would have a plan for a place to go.

CQ (Will) – Time?

A – 7pm as normal.

CQ – Would Friends Center get any compensation?

A – Not part of proposal, could happen down the line.


C (Per) – Having GA indoors defeats public performance/protest aspect of it.

C – Should deal with this after eviction.

C – It’s important to have an idea of where we could meet in future, and accepting the proposal to meet at Friends Center in no way precludes us to meet somewhere later on, but it could be helpful to know right now.


FA1 – Table proposal until after eviction.

CQ – Why do you want to table it?

A – Think it’s premature.

C – Would be a good idea to have a clear sense now of what we are doing, will help during chaos.

C – If we don’t have a place to meet, things may fall apart, a concrete place gives us a place to meet up and make good decisions.

C (Hollister) – Might be courtesy to Friends Center to make this decision tonight so they can plan and make arrangements for us.

C (Matthew) – Indoor space might allow for peace and unity, outdoor space is difficult in chaos.




2nd GA after eviction, and those following, will be held at Friends Center.


Proposal 4 – Jacob

GA will meet 7-9pm Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (using existing process), and Coordinating Committee (CoCo) will meet 7-9pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (to provide agenda for following day). Sunday would be unfacilitated Open Stack / Open Mic.

Larry reads text of proposal as per Mark’s request (proposer) on Livestream.


CQ (Hollister) – Friends Center is not available on Sundays, would this be outdoors?

A – Will have time to figure out location of Sunday meetings.

CQ (Duane) – What are the reasons for not having GA every day?

A (Larry speaking for Mark) – Burnout and time to coordinate.

CQ – Coordinate what?

A – Allow WGs to meet and have more time.

A – Also will give 24 hours notice on what proposals are coming up for a vote, time to put it on Web, helps with transparency.

CQ – Is there any plan to meet with Friends to meet and discuss? We need to clarify their schedule.

A – Yes, we’re trying. Would make it easier on

CQ – When would this go into effect? Would this affect tomorrow or Monday’s GA?

A – After Roundhouse GA.

CQ – This isn’t a proposal to change CoCo into Spokescouncil, is it?

A – No.


C (Ivan) – In support of this. Helps people from suburbs, those who are concerned with process. As member of Facilitation WG, we struggle with capacity, this would really help.

C (Duane) – In light of tonight’s disruption, it is wise to cut back on GAs because of lack of information passing from one person to the next.

C (Evan) – If we limit it, might make it hard for some people to attend. Limits flexibility, might exclude some people.

C (Alex) – Good idea, may not be a good idea right now. Going into a crisis situation, should hold off on proposal for a few days or week so we know what situation we’re in. Not necessarily best time now to rearrange our structure.

C (Chris) – Class on Tuesdays, work on Saturdays, is there a way to make it uneven? Some weeks could be Wednesday, etcetera?

C (Amanda) – Reducing GAs opens up more time for other ideas, community meetings, etcetera. Might be good idea to get other forms of process going to get other voices heard.

C (Mark on Livestream via cellphone to Larry) – This is what Occupy 2.0 looks like. Thanks for taking my response. I just want to say to people who are concerned. The revised GA schedule that doesn’t meet their personal needs, we still need you to come when you can, and help out with WGs, so that we can keep doing the work that needs to be done.


FA1 (Greg) – Keep GAs every night, but decision would only be made on Tues/Thurs/Sat.

CQ (Sally) – Part of the reason behind this was to free up CoCo. GAs every night would defeat that purpose.

A – I don’t believe that actually would prohibit CoCo, since there’s other things that happen, like WG Reportbacks.

CQ (James) – What’s their point if they don’t have any authority to go through proposals?

A – WGRBs and Announcements. A time for people to gather.

CQ – Why can’t we push back CoCo to have more time?

A – CoCo > Facilitation > GA process.

CQ – With CoCo meetings, is everyone welcome to come?

A – Yes, everyone is welcome to come.


C – Facilitation WG is exhausted. We need to give them a break!

C – Doesn’t Facilitation do CoCos?

A (Jacob) – There’s no rest for the weary.

A (Ivan) – Would still make it much less intense for Facilitation WG, reduce workload significantly.



FA2 – CoCo would be defined on Mon/Wed/Fri as to what happens when. Further define which nights would do what.



Sarah – It’s a new proposal because it involves a long detailed conversation.

FA3 (Evan) – Rotate weeks.



FA4 (Matthew) – Mon-Sat GA & CoCo should happen in same location.

A – Already addressed in previous proposal. CoCo will presumably be at Friends Center.

FA5 (Alex) – Table this proposal until after eviction.




29 for

10 against


Announcements – Sarah

Announcement 1 – How can we be supportive during eviction? [Larry shows notes].

Nate – Committee of Correspondence will meet at SW corner of Dilworth at 1pm. Dedicated to open communication between Occupations.

Gregory – A bail fund does exist, if you know people who want to donate money, they should specify that it’s for bail, can’t use general funds, checks should say Occupy Philly Bail in memo line, or cash should have a note.

Diane – Misdemeanors are generally around $160-200 without previous record.

Announcement 5 – Temple U mountaintop removal group is hosting Temple campus PNC Bank protest on Wednesday, please talk to me after meeting.

Larry – Food will be served tomorrow at 5. Logistics are currently being set up for safety of eviction tomorrow. People need to be onsite by noon to offer support. Occupy Wall Street, Brooklyn, and Hoods GA will be sending people. Armlink sit-in like UC Davis where we will not resist eviction but not assist police. People need to make signs. Signs, bring people here at 4pm, talk to Amanda.

Jacob – Everyone here should have their own phone tree for when onsite action occurs. Bring additional people here as observers.

Iwanka – [Describes UC Davis pepper-spray incident and student response (silent vigil).] Remember what solidarity is about. We should sit with signs (“I am a student” “I am a firefighter” etcetera). Working with LA, Long Beach, “From Sea to Shining Sea,” will keep talking to them.

Greg – We heard at the eviction meeting that some people were expecting to be able to talk about long term plans, and didn’t get to have that conversation. Dave and I invite you to have that conversation about long-term plans at 3pm tomorrow near usual GA spot on Dilworth.

Nate – 545pm Process meeting (Messaging). Planning meeting tomorrow at 3pm, SW corner.

Announcement 11 – I have copy of Mike’s proposal and not to just dismiss him as crazy.

Alex – If we don’t get evicted before 7pm, we will be having GA at Dilworth like we always do.

Hollister – Please pick up any trash you see and leave this Church in pristine condition.

Celebration – Matthew

This GA tonight has gotten more done tonight that City Council does in a week! We are truly from the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love! Our system of Direct Democracy continues to move forward. We will move forward together. United we stand, united we stay, united we go forward into tomorrow!

[notes by Dave]

There was no General Assembly on Thursday, and the General Assembly on Friday, November 24, 2011, began as a melee and turned into a productive discussion about courses of action concerning the eviction.

General Assembly, Wednesday, November 23, 2011

IMPORTANT DECISIONS (Approved Proposals)

“Tomorrow, Thursday 11/24/11, Occupy Philly will not have CoCo or GA”

“Agenda Items must be presented on paper with final wording to the CoCo Facilitator during the Agenda Item Stack at the beginning of a CoCo Meeting.”


*Click through for full notes*


1. Legal – We delivered a letter to the city to appeal the terms of the permit for Thomas Paine Plaza.  We shouldn’t expect a response until after the holiday.
2. Economic Empowerment – We will be working with City Council next week.  We will be absolutely honest with them in expressing our opinion that the process of Occupy Philadelphia is failing.
3. Facilitation – We meet every day at 6pm.  Please join us and help facilitate the GA.
4. Direct Action – We will be having an action on Friday at noon.  We are renaming Black Friday “Buy Nothing Day.”
*Apologies to any WGs I missed.  I didn’t start taking notes until Proposal section.*


PROPOSAL 1: “Move from Dilworth Plaza Friday.” (Carried over from last GA)
(GA approved through Straw Poll)

PROPOSAL 2: “To call for an end of the new curfew law in Philadelphia.” (Carried over from last GA)
(GA approved through Straw Poll)

PROPOSAL 3: “Endorse of ‘9 Solutions’ document by Economic Empowerment WG
(Carried over from last GA due to indecisive vote)
Breakout Groups (5min)
Report Backs:
1. We should pass to keep up the dialogue on important issues

2. We want our demands to start with the city and work their way up.  City demands should come before national demands.

3. Full of good things.  Don’t let perfect be enemy of the good

4. Do not support, not all Occupy Philadelphia people are informed on these things.  Does not need to approve of GA to be shared.

5. Lack of clarity on what endorsement means.  Does not represent all of Occupy Philadelphia.  Not enough outreach? Announcement made by Economic Empowerment during WG RB could be taken as blackmail.

6. Good solution, should be passed.  People in the public will relate to this. We cannot get bogged down in the fine details of organizing Occupy Philly.  This will get us back to where we started.  Dilworth is emptying out.

VOTE: 16 in favor.  15 opposed.  PROPOSAL DOES NOT PASS

PROPOSAL 4: “In the near future, we set aside a day of rest with no CoCo and no GA.” (Proposed by Interfaith Working Group)
Q: Is this a 1-time thing or a regularly scheduled thing?
A: For now, this proposal is just a 1-time occurrence.
Q: Are you thinking about Thanksgiving?
A: I originally was but I’d rather keep this open.
1. I think this is a great proposal.
2. Off topic (asked to stick around for announcements section)
3. Would like to see this break happen on a weekly basis
1. “Make this day of rest tomorrow, Thursday 11/24/11. “(Thanksgiving)
a. Straw poll determines that this amendment will be considered
2. “Make this day of rest a weekly occurrence. ”
a. Point of process – not quite a friendly amendment, opens up a new discussion.
CONCERN regarding Amendment 1 – This should not be framed for the sake of Thanksgiving, merely just a much needed day of rest.
Binding vote – Amendment is officially added
AMENDED PROPOSAL: “Tomorrow, Thursday 11/24/11, Occupy Philly will not have CoCo or GA
STRAW POLL – Obvious majority
BINDING VOTE – Unanimous Vote in Favor.  PROPOSAL PASSES

PROPOSAL 5 – “Agenda Items must be presented on paper with final wording to the CoCo Facilitator during the Agenda Item Stack at the beginning of a CoCo Meeting.”
Q: Can it be handwritten or must it be typed?
A: It can be handwritten or typed.
Q: How should a proposal be presented?  How many copies?
A: This proposal only requires 1 copy however the format is not specified.
1. Totally supports idea
1. “Emergency proposals of a time sensitive nature would not be subject to the Agenda Item Stack time limit.”
a. Clarifying Question – How do we determine what counts as an “Emergency Proposal?” –Answer: That would be up to CoCo.
b. How do we introduce emergency/time sensitive proposals?
c. Straw Poll – Majority in favor of NOT considering this amendment
2. “Until 30 minutes into a CoCo meeting, CoCo can decide whether or not to accept late proposals using a straw poll”
a. CQ – Would this cause the same problem / delay?
b. CQ – Even if it’s not an emergency, someone could still bring it before the 30-minute mark?
c. Proposer does not consider Amendment to be Friendly.  Amendment rejected.
BINDING VOTE: Unanimous decision in favor. PROPOSAL PASSES

1. I am looking for addressed of places that can use a little fixing up so that people can stay in them.
2. Ryan is putting together a contact list from all Working Groups.  Also trying to put together a meeting of as many WG as possible.
3. Places that will be serving Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow:
a. Independence National Park: 11am to 6pm
b. Arch St Methodist: 4:30pm
c. 21st and Sansom St: 11:30am
4. Sad and troubled about something that happened here tonight.  We just had the loss of a Working Group.  This is due to inconsistency of our process.  Reasonable Solutions and Economic Empowerment.  No one helped Emmanuel.  He was blocked at every step of the way.  Very disappointed.
5. Queer Alliance meets Monday Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm
6. Joe had to leave unexpectedly to take care of his mother who is sick.  He loves us and he wants to share his contact information.
7. Notes of this GA will be online tonight.  Please consider volunteering to take notes at a future GA!
8. On Black Friday, there is a Tibetan Bazaar.  A good place to spend money and support a good cause.

General Assembly, Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Welcome – Wells Fargo 14 (group presents statement)

Groundrules/Agenda – Dave

Working Group Reportbacks – Mairead & Dave

Know Your Rights Training – Penelope (Legal Collective)

Proposal 1 – Ivanka

Continuation of discussion of tabled Economic Empowerment “9 Solutions” Document (from 11/21/11)


Straw Poll


Proposal does not have Supermajority support but does have Majority support, so Process instructs us to create breakout groups.





Proposal 2 – Larry

Dustin moves to withdraw his own proposal.


Announcements – Larry

Legal Collective – Should we appeal permit?




GA Agenda Wednesday 11/23/11

Welcome/Groundrules/Agenda/Working Group Reportbacks


Document: “9 Solutions for the Revolution”

GA will be asked to approve or reject document without Friendly Amendments (as per prior GA vote, the process is such that written documents can not currently be Friendly Amended).

PROPOSAL WAS TABLED AT GA MONDAY 11/21/11 (after Clarifying Questions) AND GA TUESDAY 11/22/11 (after Concerns, Straw Poll, and inconclusive Binding Vote).


(link to recent draft of document:


[5pm Coordinating Committee (CoCo) meeting may add items to the agenda. The typical process is that a proposal is brought to CoCo, and if it is approved to go to the GA, it is brought to the GA the following day. Many Working Groups and individuals are working to clarify and reform this process for the sake of transparency, accountability, and effective function.]

[notes by Dave. more complete notes by Kate on the way]

General Assembly Notes, Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome – John

Facilitators – Lauren, Dave, Marade

Stack – Ashlee & Brenton


Legal – City is rejecting both permit applications. They said the terms of our permit were unagreeable to them. They advised us to apply using a brand new permit that they had drafted for us. They told us either the OP Legal Collective (LC) or Reasonable Solutions Working Group (RSWG) or both together were welcome to sign this permit. They told us basically first-come first-served. They also gave us the option of applying along with RSWG for a joint permit. This is their suggested permit. It’s long.

[Gwen prepares to read permit.]



7:36pm – GA Relocates to Friends Center


City denies original permit for these reasons:

1 – Demonstration will have an adverse impact on public health/safety

2 – Can not be accommodated within property

3 – Can not safety accommodate number of people with adversely affecting natural environment.

4 – Will unreasonably interfere with necessary functions of City buildings.

Restrictions of Offered Permit for TPP:

1 – 11/21/11-12/20/11.

2. 9am-7pm.

3. Must adhere to Not permit for 24/hr per day.

4. No overnight activity or sleeping

5. No structures or tents or stages.

6. Will permit use of one canopy 10’x10’. For shielding equipment.

7. Will provide electrical outlet.

8. No water sources will be provided.

9. No generators, heaters, warming stations.

10. No more than 2 regular and 1 ADA portapotties.

11. Use of TPP is limited to areas set in permit.

13. OP must vacate if no new permit is requested/granted.

14. Destruction of or damage to property will be subject to request for reimbursement.

15. OP shall reimburse the cost of staging, including personnel cost.

16 No jurisdiction over Washington Square, City is not authorized to issue permit there.

Jody (legal): They met with us and RSWG at the same time, they rejected both permits, said they would give only one permits. Permit would be renewed and reevaluated monthly. We did not ask questions, we did not have our attorneys in the room. We will have attorneys review this. Members of City Council, Quinoa-Sanchez and Blackwell, were there at our request. Larry Krasner (lawyer) said it might be useful to come back to city with the point that at Love Park there are tents with heated facilities and we should ask if you are engaged in commerce, city is happy to accommodate, but if you are challenging those things. Larry “apply for commercial use permit at TPP, sell t-shirts that say ‘Fuck Capitalism’ etc.” If this is appealed legally it goes to Rich Negrin, we should write “are you kidding?” on a piece of paper and would like to recuse him from making that decision.

Nathaniel (legal): Firm promise from City that they will give 48-hour notice before evicting people from Dilworth Plaza.


Jody – We going to have attorneys look at this and see if there are legal avenues. ACLU will look at it.

Nathaniel – City wanted us to sign permit right then and there. We made it clear we were not empowered to make that decision.

Cathie – Does it behoove it to go through appeal process? Would it buy us time on Dilworth?

Jody – Appealing doesn’t mean we’re accepting. LC is willing to do that. This is City’s opening shot.

Nathaniel – In my personal opinion it is the City’s ultimatum.

Harvey – What are plans for OP and homeless?

Jody – City has an obligation to homeless. City says they’ve been doing outreach. Does OP have a plan for homeless folks? I don’t know, because I don’t know our capacity is, and I don’t think it’s something to discuss in this particular discussion.

Nathaniel – It’s something that we all need to consider because homeless folks are part of OP and we all stand in solidarity.

Ian – Food?

Gwen – We inquired as to whether food was considered a part of occupation. Shelley Smith told us she thought it was incidental. Asked about covering for food tent, City said they were not at meeting to negotiate or bargain.

Nathaniel – Only structure would be 10’x10’ canopy for Tech, not 24-hr tent.

Raina – They refused to give permit to us or RSWG. Only way to get permit is to follow these terms.

Legal – Yes.

Francis – Did the city give any indication how 48-hour notice would be given.

Legal – No.

Sally – 1) Is there a legal precedent in Philly for tents as free speech?Legal – No.

Sally – 2) Are there homesteading rights in terms of taking over buildings?

Legal – Don’t know.

[GA discusses homesteading, much crosstalk]

Sally – Can legal do research on homesteading laws?

Sally – 3) Does legal think it’s a good idea to talk to national ACLU?

Legal – Yes and we’re going to.

Maryann – Where do we go after 48 hours?Gwen: It’s not 48 hours from now, we haven’t gotten 48-hour warning yet.

Jody: City has legal obligation for people who are homeless and are seeking it.

Key – We didn’t have a permit at first, why do we need one now?

Legal – We are merely presenting information, not recommending a permit.

Jody – Constitution says government have a right to limit time/place/manner. 75 people or more, amplified sound, structures, they have a right to deny you access to that space. To secure space including those qualities, you would need a permit.

Daniel – Keating Construction Company has applied for a permit to start work.

Legal – They were using the words “in the process of completing their permit.”

Daniel – You don’t believe we’ve already been issued 48 hours warning?

Legal – No, they made that clear, but there’s nothing that binds them to keep that promise.

Dustin – When does First Amendment come into play here? What is status of injunction?

Jody – [as devil’s advocate] City is offering a permit that allows us to exercise those rights.

Jody – An Occupation is not merely a demonstration. It is a new thing. Injunction has been denied in several cities.

Charles – Dilworth permit ends at 7pm, but we don’t adhere to that.

Jody – That was a typo, it was supposed to be a permit from 7am-7am, for a 24-hour demonstration.



? – In cities where injunction was denied, what has happened?

Jody – In NYC, tents are not allowed. When people put up tents, they get torn down.

? – In other cities, they keep building and keep organizing, yes?

Jody – Yes.

Seth – Do we have 48 hours to develop a counterproposal, or yes/no in 48 hours?

Jody – My understanding is we have 48 hours to appeal these things and come up with a counterproposal. An injunction, which we should do if appropriate,

Anna – Has anyone occupied Federal land?

Gwen – Chris Goldstein is currently doing so, he has a tent at Independence Mall, but he is not allowed to sleep there.

Jody – Occupy DC is in two places, one is federal, one is state. The thing about parks permits for federal land. You can get a permit for 24 hours, you just can’t sleep.

Ryan – From a legal standpoint, could the posted letters (yellow signs) constitute the 48 hrs notice?

Jody – We specifically asked that question, it really pissed me off. We were told explicitly that was not the 48-hours notice.

? – What is the appeal?

Jody – Appeal is to Managing Director, Rich Negrin. We should appeal it by asking for Negrin to recuse himself from decision.

Jody – We have a permit at Dilworth Plaza that literally says “until construction begins.” We were told repeatedly that we would be given a notice of 48-hours

Marade – 1) Are the injunctions in other cities being appealed?

Legal – I don’t know.

Marade – 2) Did anyone from Occupy record this meeting?

Legal – We were not permitted to record the meeting. There are notes.

Tony – I knew from Day 1 this was gonna happen. This is gonna come down to how much heart do we have as a movement, the bottom line is they are testing what’s inside of us. People were killed in Civil Rights movement and they kept coming back. How far are we willing to go?

Mousa – Can we look at indoor occupations?

Legal – We would have to look at specific property.

Paul – Since Occupy is not going to stop being 24/7, how can we most effectively ask Mayor politely how he could be part of process of where we’re going to move to?

Jody – If GA wants us to do that, we will do that.

Paul – To ask him to input his voice into the process.

Jody – We would do that if asked.

Legal – We don’t have much more info, we will continue to update you.



Introduction – Emmanuel

Document is read to General Assembly.


1 – How did this come about and is this the end of our demands?

A – We’ve been working on it for a months, even before Occupy. We took best demands from other Occupies and other voices. As for second question, this is only the first of many demands, this is sort of our own 9-9-9 plan.

2 – Would like to add public financing of elections. Why was that on there?

A – We stopped at nine, and you could introduce that later on.

3 – Great document. Why do we feel it’s necessary to respond to media’s demands? And why isn’t there language t

A – Difference between a bird and a rock is one’s growing and one’s not. We need to grow as a movement, we need to go to next level with messaging. This is just 9 solutions. There should probably be 99 but this is just a start

4 – In my past life I was a teacher. Would you be open to some grammar help?

A – YES!!

5 – #5 is confusing but could probably be cleaned up with language?

What made you pick 1936-1971?

A – There are several exemptions for at-will employment already.

5 – If this doesn’t pass tonight, would you be open to a meeting to hash out language?

A – Anybody can bring a proposal, this is just the one we like.

6 – Can you clarify MSNBC connection?

A – Dr. James Peterson of Professionals for Progress is an MSNBC contributor. We have an opportunity through him to take it national.

7 – Greater level of accountability? How?

A – Starts with self. Accountable to everyone.

7 – #4 Will it be a tax on individuals or financial traders?

A – Financial traders.

7 – Is the nickel on every transaction what got you the 3 trillion dollar amount?

A – Yes.

7 – Confused about oath-signing clause.

A – Can only sign oath to “We the People.”

8 – A little bit audacious, this proposal. Do you think it’s a good idea to pass forward demands without consulting other Working Groups? Would you be willing to pass these forward as your own resolution, because I’m not really sure these are OP.

A – No, this is an OP proposal.



9 – If this does go and pass, can we add other things afterwards?

A – [Lauren] Answer is yes, people can bring their owns lists as own proposals.

10 – What WGs were involved, and was it coordinated with Messaging?

A – Individuals.

11 – Wish that we had this from day 1. Shouldn’t be decided by such a small group.



13 – Was there considerations of environmental concerns?

A – Yes, but this is important. This was Economic Empowerment, so these are financial issues. I urge you to bring forth more, but we need to start changing narrative.


1 – This is a start. Shouldn’t require Economic Empowerment WG to cover all bases.

2 – This is just an endorsement similar to what other Occupies have done.

3 – Appreciate the work, agree with many demands, but I don’t think we should make demands out of haste or because media wants us to. Need to make strategic demands. National and local demands. I think our first document should be much more concise, less wordy.

4 – Immensely appreciative of work put into document, motion to table.







Welcome/Groundrules/Agenda/Working Group Reportbacks


Document: “9 Solutions for the Revolution”

GA will be asked to approve or reject document without Friendly Amendments (as per prior GA vote, the process is such that written documents can not currently be Friendly Amended).



(link to recent draft of document:


[5pm Coordinating Committee (CoCo) meeting may add items to the agenda. The typical process is that a proposal is brought to CoCo, and if it is approved to go to the GA, it is brought to the GA the following day. Many Working Groups and individuals are working to clarify and reform this process for the sake of transparency, accountability, and effective function.]

[notes by Dave]

The General Assembly for Sunday, November 20, 2011 used breakout groups to discuss three questions: why did we come here to occupy, what are our goals, and how do we achieve these goals?
OCCUPY PHILADELPHIA: General Assembly Saturday, November 19, 2011 7:00p
Welcome: Dave
“Leave the old and dying America and use your creative energies to help form a new America, which would be demilitarized,
more humanistic, where the police are less hostile and closer to the community, where the wealthy are not given unleashed
power for the exploitation of the people. And, mostly because it’s now a matter of life and death, reassert an ecological balance
with the environment, which means the people in the oil companies and the car companies and the space industry and all the
other industries will have to be brought into account, so that there will be a new definition of government, which has to be
closer to the people and less close to special interests which are far more harmful than any revolutionaries.”
Phil Ochs, folk singer, activist, 1960’s

Ground Rules:
Respect each other

Sanitation: keep it clean

Accessibility: Keep the ramps and staircases clear, as accessible as possible

Step Up, Step Back: Make Your Voice Heard, Step Back


Hand Signals: Twinkle Fingers, Fingers Down, etc.

Stack: contact Stack Takers when you want your voice to be heard. Two of them.

Coordinating Committee meets every day at 5pm on the corner. Two people from each working group vote, that’s
how proposals end up on the floor at General Assembly.

Working Group Report Backs: One Minute

Casey, Radical Caucus
Today it was reported by that Richard Negrin said the radical caucus applied for a permit to Dilworth Plaza. This is
completely false. The radical caucus has no interest in Thomas Paine Plaza. Furthermore this should show you, again, that the
city, is out to divide us, and that they are not our friends.

Wispy, Labor Working Group
At 3pm, about 100 rank and file union members rallied right here in support of OP, in support of themselves, because they’re a
part of the 99% few messages they had, unite here hotel workers thanked OP for their support at the rally on market street for
Aramark. they sang a bunch of songs about rolling over the boss- they changed the lyrics to be about the police and the mayor-
was particularly inspiring. When they ended, they had a message for everyone here at OP – they’ll be back.

Nate, Committee of Correspondents
Working group for interoccupation communication meeting tomorrow 1:30pm on grass at independence mall- 8 blocks
away. The environmental working group – was going to be a big mobilization on Monday – not authorizing fracking in the
Delaware basin on Monday- still people mobilizing in Trenton to protest. At least one bus going from 30th st- more info-

Message committee hosted a process discussion at 2pm today. There will be another next Saturday also at 2pm at the Friends
Center. All are welcome. And invited. By process we mean GA process, CoCo, facilitation.

Obone, Economic Empowerment
It’s very inspiring to see everyone out here consistently. Got a call yesterday from city council person- introduced 9 solutions
for the revolution- this councilman liked it, going to meet with them. Haven’t introduced it yet at the CoCo- want people to
read and give feedback- Emmanual Bussey- if you want to get involved please do.

Diane, Legal
14 people arrested at Wells Fargo action. 13 out and fine, 1 being held at County. Someone with a car needs to go pick him up-
he’s out on bail, no one has a car right now. If you are going to be part of an action- standard security culture training- going
to set it up. If you have a Smartphone- please put a passcode on it- they will look through it if they can, if you have a passcode
makes it a bit harder. Have requested repeatedly to not post videos of direct action – this is not censorship – this is to protect
your friends – testilying- the more info they have, the more they can create these stories. In solidarity, please do not post
videos that might hurt them later- can have criminal charges added. If they try and take your camera.. Questions? Email legal

Really hurtful- to be accused that we’re trying to censor when we’re working our asses off. Please be careful with what you
post on line…. If possible, wait to get permission from people on video or until case has been resolved.

Alex, Lawyer working for Legal Collective

Few panicked phone calls this week. Be careful with what you’re posting on Facebook and Twitter about what you’re doing.
Mentioning a direct action is ok. Mentioning something about how you’re going to bust something up goes back on you-
conspiracy is worse than the actual charge.

Marade if you want to show your support, spirit fingers. Will take questions later.

Laura, Training
Today held a training for trainers- training for change- everyone who was there. Working on setting up another one for people
who are interested in other trainings. If you have a working group or event, contact us so we can alert folks with how we’re

Lauren, Queer Alliance Working Group
I’m here, not as facilitation, as a member, representative of the queer alliance. We’re having our first direct action
tomorrow. Tomorrow is trans remembrance day. We are celebrating and memorializing issues and people who are and
have been transgendered. We will be marching at 5pm from here to the gayborhood to ——.. we hope to have a rally with
representatives of RAGE. RAGE is an org. that is working to ohave the gender stickers removed from ______. Rally at park in
___ inviting people to come join us to come back here to GA at 7pm. Also an optional vigil at 7pm at William white community
center. As we march back you will have an pption of which event ot attend. Please support us. After GA we will meet as we do
every night by the food tent…

Cory, Media
Rumors that media has been disbanded. Not true. Moving locations to the friends center temporarily until we can establish
permanent locations. To disassociate us with some of the craziness that goes on that prevents us from doing our work..
fighting outside of tents- etc. need quiet space so that talent can be expressed. Will still be here nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week, covering everything that goes on here.

Nate invited folks to come even closer. Today have one proposal from the interfaith working group. Because this proposal
revolves around getting a permit, going to have Legal Collective on hand to advise.

To empower the legal cooperative to complete a permit to move to Thomas Paine plaza across the street.

This proposal was not brought by the Legal Collective and they are not advocating any particular course of action.

Clarifying Questions

Colin, Does this permit allow for tents and twenty-four seven occupation?

Diane, City has told us they would review the conditions on the permit, did not specify further. We have attorneys ready to
bargain, but cannot promise anything.

Jinx, If there are different conditions under he new permit, would we reconsider applying for a permit, or would we still

Diane, The GA would have to decide. We submit our conditions first and then the city reviews them. Again, no promises to
what the city would agree for.

Casey, My concern is that by asking for a permit we are acting as puppets to the city. The other night, we were presented with
an opportunity to take Thomas Paine Plaza but we were afraid of the police. Let me remind you, the city is not our friends, the
police are not our friends. All of this talk about a permit is unnecessary. We came here originally without a permit. We can
take what we want because we have power in numbers. We can do what we want.

__________, This is the most activity I’ve seen since 1968 and I’m very happy. I think you have to pick your battles. The people
here represent the 99%, most of whom are not here. They are in refugee camps. They are in refugee camps, they are in barrios,
in slums, we have to think what they would want us to do. I think they would want us to do this in an economical way- fighting
for justice for us, for them. Therefore I think it would be very good to get the permit and go to Thomas Paine. Finally, the labor
unions are on your side- we would have done anything in the 60’s to have them with us….

Caroline, want to remind people that the discussion about us- finding a space other than city hall does not have o revolve
around permits. We could be spending our time, sitting out in the cold, talking about what space makes sense to us and not the
space we’re allowed.

Jinx, my concern is that we should move on our own agenda. We’ve tried moving to Thomas Paine without a permit, and we’ve
seen that it’s not a good space for us to go to and that we should be thinking about other spaces – not on the cities agenda, on

our agenda.

Weaver, half of you are foreigners, not born in this city, we declare our rights and our understanding. They have to live with
us and not us with them. My concern is that we need somewhere to lay our heads. I got a pregnant wife laying over there on
the ground. We need action and we need it fast.

__________, My concern is, if we try to move, with or without a permit, we will leave, people who decide to stay- homeless, those
who decide to stay for political or metaphorical purposes, we will abandon them out in the cold, and subject them to police

Lauren reminded folks to use hand signals for those who have the mic. Everyone has the right to say their own opinions.

Robert, my concern is that when we move from here, those who want to stay, we should support them 100%. All of this back
and forth does not matter- we need to find some sort of shelter for the wintertime- look at NY – scattered, they had nowhere
to put their communication systems – can’t be all over the city. This is nuclear war- when they come in here, the police coming
first, the garbage cans coming next. Can stay here, protesting, but I’m not sticking around. Revolution means changing the
system, leading with peace and love. Revolution means sacrifice. We ain’t gonna be able to save everyone. What’s important is
what you’re here for – I’m here for me – for the people I have to care for – its getting cold – we need someplace where we can
keep the system up – use common sense. We got a building on 19th street – 3 storie tenement building- a critical facility to go
to so when they come in here we have someplace to go. Come to 19th and Susquehana.

Ryan, my concern is that people don’t fully understand this is just a strategy. We’re just filling out an application. Does not
mean we’re going to move yet. If and when we get denied a permit we can tell the city we did what the city wanted us to do
and make them look bad.

Francis, my concern is that legal up here gave the indication that the city doesn’t want to give what we want. Does legal have
any indication that they? If we don’t fill out the application we will look bad, and when things get torn down, what happens
to the homeless here. My concern is that our battle isn’t with Michael Nutter – he wanted to communicate with us every
week – and we refused. We decided not to do that and then we use the lack of communication as a problem – like he’s being
adversarial. What do we do if we don’t apply for an application?

Diane, At the meeting we had at midnight with Mayor Nutter’s staff the only thing they told us was that they could not allow
us to replicate unhealthy conditions here.

Friendly Amendments
Lauren encouraged people to move closer. Re-opening stack for one minute. A change to the proposal that does not negate the

Casey, my amendment is to apply for a permit at Rittenhouse Square.

Clarifying Questions
Ashley, my question is that I thought I heard Radical Caucus say that we don’t need a permit. My question is if we’re going to
apply for a permit as a way to have a base where we have food, kitchen facilities to support us, if we can get a permit for that,
why don’t we get a permit for that and if people want to go to Rittenhouse square without a permit we can try that later.

Casey, What Hollister is saying that my amendment negates the concern she made previously- my concern has nothing to do
with my amendment. If we have the audacity to refer to this movement as a revolution we need to understand that revolutions
are not comfortable. We shouldn’t be concerned about a fucking kitchen at the Friends center. We need to be strategic.

Henry, my question, with respect, is how can you claim Casey, that your earlier concern has nothing to do with this
amendment when your concern was we don’t need no stinking permit, when your amendment is lets make a proposal for
Rittenhouse Square.

Ryan, what is the strategic value of moving to Rittenhouse Square.

Casey, There are several strategic values to Rittenhouse Square. If we move there, people know our target – the 1%.

Francis, do you see the people as Rittenhouse Square as the 1%? My understanding is that the 1% really live at the Main Line.
The people at Rittenhouse Square are really part of the 99% that we need because we need more people.

Casey, the 99% is a very large group. I wont get into how problematic this dichotomy is. But let me just say, rich people live in
Rittenhouse Square.

Lauren called for a straw poll on this amendment. If you are in favor of discussing this amendment further, please raise your
hand. Clear majority opposed which means we will not be discussed further.

Jacob, we’ve had a number of GA’s that have gone down proposals, list after list, of many locations, that amount to one
proposal that multiplies to many. My proposal is that we consider this proposal as a single proposal to ask for a permit for
Thomas Paine plaza considering that we can vote it down and make other proposals in other times. My amendment is that we
not consider other locations with this proposal.

Laura, will proposals on other applications be considered after this one if it doesn’t pass?

Jacob, if this proposal is voted down, it will open up the possibility of other proposals.

Paul, my name is Paul Clemor. Im asking Jacob why anyone would be stupid enough to not just move across the street?

Lauren noted that this clarifying question does not pertain to the amendment. Lauren asked for a straw poll on this friendly
amendment. It passed.

Dan, for the record, I am not in favor of a permit. My friendly amendment would be that if we get a permit, rather on the
application for the permit, we specify, tents, any warming structures, 24 hour permit, no ending.

Going to hear all amendments, clarifying questions, take straw polls, and then go onto concerns. Stack is opened for clarifying

_________,This is for legal committee. How easy will it be to get a permit without a time limit?

Diane, I have no idea. Re-iterated what she said earlier.

Caleb, I read today in a news article that quoted as basically saying no permit will allow tents. Is this true?

Francis, could it be that the unsanitary conditions have to do with urine and feces since we don’t have enough porta-potties.

Lauren – straw poll on this amendment. Pretty close. Will continue to discuss since there is not a clear super majority against.
Onto the next amendment.

Paul, I’m still Paul. And Mayor McNuttier invited us to move across the street and got the police to prevent us from doing what
he asked us to do. I don’t care about permits. I tried to go to the Mayor’s office and I got the run around. My amendment is that
we just say we’re doing what the Mayor asked us to. He asked us to move across the street and then we can’t do that I don’t
care about a permit I signed a permit.

Lauren called for a straw poll from the GA. Not seen as a friendly amendment. Thanks Paul for bringing his concern.

Caroline, seeing as there are not a lot of people here tonight and it seems that not a lot of people knew that there was going to
be a vote about this tonight, including myself. My amendment is that we table this discussion to the next GA and give notice.

Lauren called for a straw poll. It’s pretty close- not clear. Quick temperature check. Open for clarifying questions on motion to
table proposal. Open stack.

Francis, two questions. 1) How many people do you consider not a lot. 2) For legal, how long do we have to apply for this

Caroline, This many – compared to the other GA’s.

Diane, when we moved here we didn’t have a permit and we got one then. I don’t think there is a deadline. We’ve been given a
deadline that Monday morning a crane is coming in for window repairs. Don’t know of a specific deadline that has been issued.

Dwayne, yesterday, the lawyer said that we have to move when construction begins. She’s saying that Monday with repairs
would be the day that we move.

Diane, they emphasized that repairs were not construction. They gave us a verbal promise that it would last through the

Dwayne, the mayor said he would be willing to give us a permit for the Plaza across the street. Someone suggested
Rittenhouse square. Why don’t we ask for a permit for Rittenhouse Square?

Lauren clarified that Rittenhouse was no longer on the table.

Sarah, my question’s for Legal in regards to what Sarah said. First of all, thank you legal for everything you do. My question is,
how long does it take if we were to submit a permit, to hear back?

Legal, we have no idea. The city can take as long as it needs to.

Colin, my question is, about this amendment, that we table this discussion til tomorrow night. I think something that I would
like to know from Caroline is not just about how many people constitute not a lot, but about the importance of this decision
without an adequate number of people present.

Caroline, I feel that it is very important to everyone in this Occupation about what we’re doing and where we’re going and I
think that people need to be informed.

Lauren and Nate reminded everyone that the proposal is simply to empower Legal to apply for a permit.

Legal, my question is, if we do not pass this tonight, will we have enough time to get the paperwork together before the risk of
being evicted Monday.

Legal, I don’t think that should be a problem.

Francis, my question for legal is if its possible to move without a permit why wasn’t I able to stay over there with my tent
Thursday and why did I hear that legal told us the police said disperse and we should go back. Was that correct information?

Diane, I can’t speak to that. I wasn’t there when legal was told that we were given an official order to disperse.

Straw poll on if people are in favor of continuing. Clear majority for continuing past 9pm. Another straw poll on the amendment
from Caroline to table the discussion of this proposal until tomorrow night where we would pick up where we left off.

Jacob withdrew his amendment.

Francis, two concerns. 1) new people who come tomorrow night will have to have a lot of the same questions answered, will
have to go through the same kind of thing. We could spend tomorrow night talking about what we want to do and strategizing.
As of Monday we are at high risk of being removed. Some of those people don’t have anywhere to go. Does that answer your

Lauren reminded people about respect.

Colin, concerns that decreasing crowds is not embracing direct democracy.

Lauren, my concern is that I understand there is a lot of fear around the fact that the eviction date could be Monday. However,
I think it would be unfair to vote right now with people diminishing.

Henry, very briefly, my concern is, time is of the essence. It’s not a question of fear. It’s a fact. That and the fact that a minute
ago I counted over 80 heads here and that does not seem like no one is here.

________, My concern is that Thomas Paine has nothing to do with this movement. If we don’t stand together we’re going to fall.
They could move us on top of a building.

Jacob my concern is that such a monumental and contentious decision cannot be made without foreknowledge of the vote
for all involved. While we have discussed the issue, we need to discuss the issues ourselves before we can make a surprise

Gadget, rescinded her concern.

Ryan, my concern for tabling this discussion is that fact that there is no certainty that we will even be permitted to camp or to
occupy anywhere else. It’s testing the waters. Its showing everybody else, the people that are sitting aside and watching this
all that Mayor Nutter doesn’t want tot work with us, doesn’t care that we’re here, he just wants us to go home. If we fill out an
application anywhere it will be denied. It doesn’t matter where it is, so lets just do it.

Marade, my concern is that a lot of people who do not attend GA don’t come out of frustration of how long this process takes.
We’re not here to cross a street we are here to change society. Though I agree its great to have as many people involved as
possible, there is an opportunity for as many to come tomorrow as would like to. Similarly people knew when GA was tonight.
Several people have patiently waited through tonight and probably would like to vote.

________________, This collective if it intends to do anything just needs to do it – it just needs to be done. By showing the will that
it could be done, that these people are here to do it.

Final vote: to table or to discuss the final amendment and then pass or not pass the proposal as a whole. Stack folks need to do a
headcount. Tied 21 -21. Some people may not have voted, some people may have left. Since it was a tie, it will not pass.

Final amendment to discuss – tents, warming table, 24 hours, no end. Stack is open for concerns. Clarifying questions were taken
earlier. Open stack.

_________________, My concern is that none of our votes are ever permanent. We vote for something that’s supposed to be a final
decision. . . I feel my concern directly addresses this amendment and I don’t speak much, but I’m afraid we’re undermining our
entire process by constantly reversing permanent decisions. Thank you.

Only taking concerns on this amendment.

_________________, my concern is there was no prior warning given to this proposal. I came here mid-afternoon at which point I
found out about this proposal. I believe if this passes tonight it will destroy direct democracy, it will make us into a sham.

Fred, my concern is the Mayor made clear on the news that we can assemble but we can’t have tents.

Tommy, my concern is that there is no fucking concern.

________, my concern is that we’re going to need a permit regardless. So why are we waiting to make a decision if we’re going to
need one anyway?

Binding vote on the amendment. This amendment passes.

The proposal is that we empower legal to apply for a permit at Thomas Pane plaza and the application will include tents,
warming stations, be 24 hours and without end held a straw poll clearly in favor of passing the amended proposal. Binding vote.
Clear supermajority. The amended proposal passes.


Nate: If you have a proposal you must come to the Coordinating Committee at 5pm at 15th & JFK.

Woman talked about how she was a diabetic and when her blood sugar dropped she sat down and security came out and tried
to force her out of the store – need to stop arguing amongst ourselves and remember why we are here.

Dave closed out the GA.

11/18/11 Occupy Philly GA notes
Welcome – Jesse
Ground Rules & Agenda – Ian
Working Group Reportbacks – Jesse
Justin (Labor) – We need to clarify who we are, who we represent, what our capabilities are. Union support came very quickly in the beginning. We wanted to participate in Occupy Philly and create solidarity. Thrust into position of trying to mediate between OP and Dilworth construction. [Reads from 11/17/11 Labor statement] We need your support to help our WG. Frankly, last couple weeks have been a distraction. We want to get back to gaining support in union halls, as they have strong resonance with OP messages. Need to move past Dilworth construction and focus on building
Mike (Queer Alliance) – Sunday is Transremembrance Day. Would like to see you at our first Direct Action. 5pm 15th & Market. Going to march to the Gayborhood to show them they have a place here. Let’s bring out more people!
Melanie (Library) – Update on where we went. Books and supplies are in storage, want to keep them safe when we come up with plan. Will let you know when we’re back!
Emanual (Economic Empowerment) – 9 Solutions for the Resolutions, our own 9-9-9 plan, 9 for the 99, is scheduled to come to GA. Proposal will come to floor soon. [handouts]
Steven (Sanitation) – I’m on the verge of just quitting sanitation. Crazy stuff happening, people hoarding stuff. People overcharging for coffee. People don’t even notice me sweeping up. I need to rebuild my tent, not under my direction. I need nails, things to rebuild, need to talk to Finance.
Robert Jordan (Media) – No announcements.
Matt (Safety) – Unsafe decision last night, should have planned better. Think about how you’re going to do it before you do. If you see police tearing down a sign, don’t freak out about it. Escalation last night was bad. Don’t let police corral you. Safety in numbers. A small group divided makes an unsafe situation. Dismantling the Food Tent first is a bad idea. Plenty of abandoned tents to start with, much better testing ground. Please try to keep eyes on what’s going on, we tried to move, they won’t let us move, they don’t want us anywhere, realize that you’re not particularly safe anywhere. Safety is in eyes and in numbers. Better luck next time.
Discussion – Alex and Valerie
Summary: Last night GA decided to move across street to Thomas Paine Plaza. Immediately after GA we began to move, police forced us back here, then we had a discussion about it.
Sheila (Legal) – If you were on Market St. Bridge, email occupyphillysg 484-758-0588, or talk to me, Drew, or Jon. 12 arrests at Wells Fargo, have not been processed yet, talk to someone in Finance about donating bail.
Drew (Legal) – Talked to Vic Wolsack (ACLU PA) who talked to City Solicitor. In the event that no action is taken to apply for TPP permit by Monday, we could see police come in to evict us as early as Monday night. RSWG has already applied for permit. City wants us to apply for permit. If we do, City will make a decision on which permit to grant and under which circumstances. If our permit is denied, we’d have legal recourse to take. Would have litigation options in that situation. It is possible that both groups will end up on the same site, there are a lot of possibilities and details are unclear, will try to keep you up to date.
Sheila (Legal) – Please do jail support for people at Roundhouse.
Stack – Marade & Sheila
? (Paul) – Brothers and sisters, I’ve fallen off the wagon, and may not make a shitload of sense. But as an old hippie, we’ve got to do better in moving across the street in the middle of the night. We’re not here. [Valerie asks if Paul has a question for legal] I am finished.
? (Maha) – I heard thru email that RSWG wanted to negotiate with OP. Is that true? If we reconcile with RSWG, can we be added onto their permit, or do we have to still apply separately?
A – We haven’t heard either way. Their permit application has been submitted, and we don’t know what’s in it. So we have no way to determine if their requests are appropriate to our needs.
? – What does Legal Collective need to submit application?
A – GA approval.
? (Emanuel) – Assuming Legal is swamped, what can we do as individuals do to help Legal by using our personal relationships with the City members?
A – Legal is open WG accountable to GA. Someone can bring a permit proposal to GA.
? (Emanuel) – We have tried to join Legal, have been rebuffed?
? – Who is we?
? – Professionals for Progress, Sherrie Cohen, Michael Court, Sharee Street, we’ve been fighting this issue for 6 weeks, this is holding us back.
? (Jessica Outreach) – Might I suggest that Outreach connect with you right now and I personally will make sure you get connected to proper channels. We need you guys, if you want to be here, we want you to be here, in solidarity.
? (Ryan) – Is there any way once we have fully acknowledge our union support, can we get them to help us to push the permit application through?
A – I can’t speak for any unions, but I know they are very much in support of what we’re doing here, but I don’t anticipate any specific need for help for submitting permit. As for the permit decision, that is in the Mayor’s hands.
? (Joseph) – Should the permit application fail to go through, how long would litigation take, and what it likelihood that it would succeed?
A – Can’t answer first question. Second, reluctant to categorize, but we’ve been led to believe we would have a realistic chance of success.
? (Henry) – What is the real opinion of Legal WG on the question of “is the RSWG” at all in any way a legitimate representative of OP, and whether there is any basis of challenging their claims that that is the case?
A – My understanding that RSWG made clear that they are operating outside the GA process. Legal always operates within GA process.
3 part discussion – Alex & Valeria
1. Tactics (last night) and lessons learned
2. Our goals as a movement
3. Strategy moving forward
“What did we learn from last night’s skirmish in terms of logistics of what went down, tactics of what was good/bad/could have been better, or other ideas from last night’s skirmish?”
Lonnie – What could you do to help obtain housing for the homeless?
Kate – 1. Urgency vs. democracy. Decision-making in a time of crisis can be dangerous, and should be done reasonably. 2. What is the different between Occuping with a permit vs. without a permit? Are we prepared to Occupy without a permit? And how do we do it? 3. Planned vs unplanned movement. Move last night was dangerously unplanned. We should be well-informed about practicalities of moving such a large group of people and a large amount of structures/objects.
Sean – Discussed last night. We need a lot better planning. And a lot more people to show up to GA to know what’s going on.
Hollister – We are not a perfect movement and we’re doing the best we can. One really good thing about last night was the solidarity around Florence that happened at Friends Center, and we think that’s a model for what Occupy can do. What went wrong: a lot of miscommunication, some of us who were not here last night were concerned that we looked sort of amateurish. Some thought we need more structured leadership. Camping out may not be the best strategy/solution. It was a problem that we didn’t anticipate what the cops were going to do. After whole thing is over, there was a whole lot of doubting about GA decision, and it’s important that we respect the GA decision-making process. Rapid Response team in future needs to be more visible. Not having a permit isn’t a very good idea.
[next group] – Urgency. Need for messaging when we do cross, in the form of signs/banners. Talked about moving on our own terms and that means knowing how to react when cops are there, because they will be there, we should know that, we should know how to react without screaming and running back and forth.
Viv – Our group thinks that a permit is a good idea. Moving during the daytime is a good idea. Working together to move is a good idea. Talked about the things that might not have people here. How to take care of them, each other. One of our group said that the unions are willing to help us move. Our group thinks that is a good idea.
Deb – We need a Police Response team. Need to think of this like a game of chess. Antipicate police response and think a couple moves ahead. 24-48 hours to pack up and make it a march at one time across street with people locking arms on either side of us to protect us from police. We’ll march our things across the street, have people there to watch them, do it again. Create a group to deal with police issues.
Brendon – Moving would be more efficient to have a drawn-out map for across the street. Would have been helpful in GA to discuss possible consequences of not having a permit. Also we felt that having a permit is better than not.
Jinx – Rapid Response, we need to communicate better and be on same page, should move on our own agenda. Strategizing around moving without a permit. Shouldn’t let short-term decisions affect whole movement. Not enough communication between people moving. Organizing, and really communicating with each other, getting on the same page, we’re all here for the same reason, need to love each other and do this together.
John – If we go after our permit, based on city’s concerns expressed in meeting with RSWG, we need to think about whether we want to stay for 24 hours a day, if there will be tents, if we will house the homeless, and if they offer less than we want, if we accept that and challenge further in the courts, or reject permit.
GOALS – Alex
“What brought you here to Occupy to begin, and what do you envision it accomplishing in your wildest dreams?”
Kirk – People in middle-class, largely-complacent, or hugely-ignorant of causal relationships behind power structures leading to things being how they are. Globalization, public education, public transportation, public health. Get psychology out of American education. NEA, education reform, very important. Are they training us vocationally? Development for jobs, understanding of histories of why corporations got together. Broken economic system, want equanimity in system. Same thing with health care. Pharmaceutical influence on doctors, health care.
Francis: Change in system. Creation of a beloved community where people care about each other, economic justice, need to empower people, take care of environment. How do we strategize so we get through this winter and next election?
[next group]: Declaration of human rights, adapt it. FDR’s second Bill of Rights and adapt it and write a manifesto based on changes we want on federal/state/city level.
Rich – We really like energy of the people that are brought together. We like to have a forum ongoing so that we can continue to share energy and ideas on an ongoing basis. Our goal for one is to keep the forum together, the physical meeting place, so we can find like-minded people, so we can share and raise each other’s knowledge. Different levels of awareness of when system hasn’t been working. General frustration that no politicians are working for us. Want to work outside of existing system on ongoing basis, and continue the dialogue.
Kevin – Our group wanted to focus on movement as loudspeaker for disparate groups recognizing different problems. Problems have gone unrecognized by government and different portions of population. Want to see Occupy Movement before a forum to discuss these problems and make more people aware of them. We also strongly emphasize important of doing what is right for us, and not necessarily the government. That we are all empowered to take actions together outside of current system.
John – Networking, galvanizing movements that are already fighting, Keystone Piping, anti-fracking, creative forum for honest discussion about economic justice, demands for movement as a whole, not just Philadelphia.
John – Isn’t is great to be talking about what we want to do? Harness our energy to do small good things. Occupy can descend, flash mob style, on a vacant lot and create a community garden. Can clean up an area of the city, feed homeless, make public art. Long term: member of corporate board can pound his fist on table and say “Jessica, I don’t think we’re protecting our workers enough in this decision!”
Sean – Ran the gamut about things we talked about already. So happy to have this conversation. Remember first week when everybody had a personal story about why they’re here. Long term: sowing seeds for things that will happen 3-4 generations down the road. Setting context to yield a different kind of human psychology. Education: information, technology is available for people to take control, once people have power back, they can have more influence in changing what’s best for them and people down the road. Combat short-sightedness with long-term thinking. Where are we going as a species?

“How do we make change? Occupation is a tactic, not a strategy. Strategy is the plan for how you get from here to there, from here to the world we want to see. Tactics: individual things we do along the way to enable strategy. Do we work with government officials or not? Do we work with existing power systems or not? National or local reforms? Who are we trying to mobilize? What portions of the 99% are we trying to reach? How do we focus our energy?”OPEN STACK ON STRATEGY

Announcement (Sean): Well Fargo Direct Action people are in jail. Mobilize support to Roundhouse, also accepting donations (money and food etc). Please find me (Sean) if you want to donate.
Rich – Start local before we try to change rest of nation. Grow from there. Work with established power structures to the extent that they make themselves useful. Make sure you know 3 people to share info with. Like physical place to gather, let’s get a permit, even half a permit is better than no permit. Work with what we have. Don’t want to lose energy, don’t want to get dispersed, continue conversation, not lose track of one another.
Emanuel – Need to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. We should exemplify the best of America. We should go out and make city a better place: cleaner, greener, enhancing public opinion about what we stand for. Focused: banks caused this problem, but more than just money, the attitude they have. Focus on demands, and if they don’t meet it, shut them down.
Henry – Working outside the system is great! But keep an open mind about working within the system too. System exists to be manipulated, we can do it the same way they can. City Council has 5 at-large seats. 2 are reserved for non-Democrats. They only needed 5000 votes to get those seats, I’ve seen that many people on marches. Keep an open mind to electoral campaigns. Don’t pass up low-hanging fruit!
[next person] – Many people are afraid/unfamiliar with our movement. If you have an idea/action, develop a flyer and make it available to everyone you know. Share your actions with your neighbors, let people know we’re here for them.
Paul – [Quotes first verse and chorus of “Woodstock” by Joni Mitchell]
Ben – Need to constantly expand size/scope/intensity of movement. Look up turnpike to NYC: 11/17 had cascading chain of actions across city. Not excited about encampment, excited about direct actions. The system is capitalism, there is an antagonism, we need to find most explosive antagonisms and exploit them. Struggle is everywhere all the time, make it public, make them recognize what side they’re on, and have them join the fight.
Francis – Need to pick our battles and figure out what’s helpful. Not just be oppositional. It’s getting cold and I’m not sure that everybody wants to camp. We should figure out how many people we want, how many tents we want, have people take turns, make it work: to avoid media saying “it’s getting smaller.” Continue to strategize through winter. How can we minimize the strength of the press and make the agenda our agenda.
Tammy – Have education Teach-Outs all over city, educate ourselves and others, would help us and also be good PR.
Duncan – Four stages in life of activist. Education, Organization, Action, Vacation. This stage could come to end and declare Vacation when it gets really cold. Action: Occupy University: the Winter Term. May 1, organize huge action on May Day.
[last person] – Teach-ins are great. Psy-Op, understanding media is very important.
Valerie thanks everybody: Media should report on this multi-faceted discussion. Shows great progress from yesterday to today! Contemplate voices you heard, especially those you don’t usually hear, and we hope to continue this conversation.
Gadget: Foodraiser at National Mechanics btw 4-7pm on Sunday. Asking for minimum donation of $10 worth of stuff. Info on National Mechanics Facebook page.
Pete: Keep doing what you’re doing!
Patricia: Was at lunch today with Arlen Specter, and somebody asked him what he thought of Occupy Movement, and he replied, “I’m inclined to agree with it.”
Dave: Next week’s Treasurer’s Mtg is Monday 4pm at Friends Center because of Thanksgiving. Finance people will be available at 12pm Monday to help prepare paperwork.
Gadget: Use social media to combat negative press, get online, make it viral, let people know good things that happen here, fight negativity of media, do everything you can to make our positivity public!
Greg announces end of GA.
Marched in NYC yesterday. Occupy Philadelphia is the best case of what NOT to do. The police strategy has been working up to this moment. We are bored out of our minds. We are letting outside influences get in, and we are not communicating to the people of this city, not the press, not the police, the people. The 99%. They see us as idiots right now. The camp is not what the movement is. It is the conversation that we have started at every dinner table, job, everywhere. We need to continue that, whether it be physically camping in a space, or not. We need to gain more organization, strong organization, to keep conversation going, to keep more people involved, to take more action.
Occupy Philly GA Notes Wed 11/16/11
Welcome – Walter from Interfaith Working Group
Ground Rules & Agenda – Lauren
1. Training
2. Proposal from Interfaith Working Group
3. Discussion of Movement’s Goals
Working Group Reportbacks – Iwanka
Khadijah from Anti-Curfew Committee: Direct Action tomorrow 9am at Food tent.
Caleb from Radical Caucus: Demand: End the Curfew. How do we continue the momentum of this movement past this physical camp?
Ryan – Queer Alliance: Direct Action 5pm from Dilworth to the Gayborhood, Riders Against General Exclusion
Friends Center statement:in the event of a police action, we will make available at any time or night, a place of respite as a place to gather and figure out what to do next
– no drugs, alcohol, weapons, smoking, and do not interfere with daily activities
– hope to be able to continue to work together in the fashion we have done so
Michael from Livestream: anyone have a mobile hotspot? having problem with the network.
Lisa and Jenna from Messaging: Saturday 2pm Friends Center, discuss restructuring GA
Emanuel from Economic Empowerment: 9 Solutions for the Revolution, will be introduced tomorrow as a proposal. handouts.
Amanda from Intercommittee: on Monday night, in response to possibility of eviction, and decision on 11/11/11, we created Rapid Response Flyer. A Call to 15th and Market, and a meetup at 4pm at Rittenhouse Square the day after the eviction to plan next move. handout.
Cindy from Media: another handout., can register and post, want to quell rumors so we can all act deliberately and calmly. FB site is not up-to-speed yet, so please look at both sites to stay safe.
Jesse from Media – called Mark McDonald (Mayor’s spokesperson), identified myself as working in Media/PR of Occupy Philly, they asked if I was in Reasonable Solutions, I said no. Long process to get construction going. Nothing has changed with respect to permit, construction date. McDonald in response to questions about raid: “Well, the future’s the future?” “It is what it is.” City is on record for NO RAID WITHIN 48 HOURS. Homeless outreach tomorrow morning.
Justin from Facilitation – Meeting after GA and 9pm candlelight vigil to discuss 11/11/11 Demands discussion structure.
Jody from Legal: Penelope, myself, Sheila, & Daniel just got out of meeting with AFL-CIO. Want to do what they can to support us. We didn’t ask them to do this. There are factions that are not on our side, but AFL-CIO reached out. Met with City Council Rep. Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, Rep. Jannie Blackwell, they want to support us. Meeting with Patrick Eiding, head of AFL-CIO Philly, shared factual info that we’ve been waiting to get from city, that city gave to him. Talked about Dilworth Plaza.
1. There is NOT going to be a raid on OP tonight.
Unions would like for us to think of a vision beyond this issue and be a movement challenging economic injustice, and remind us that they have been with us the whole time. Union support is not new and they want us to know that. They are looking to talk with us. Legal Collective takes responsibility very seriously, been acting in due diligence to respect GA, do our best to share information.
1. Crane is coming Monday to remove scaffolding. We have agreed to accommodate this repair. Probably around 25 foot area.
2. CCD signed contract today for construction. Trying to find out start date of construction.
? : is this info from city or union? City THROUGH Union.
1. Pat Gillespie, speaking for Philadelphia Building Trades, made statement that he was in solidarity with us, and would do anything to help us move.
2. AFL-CIO wants to support us, but if we do not move, and impede construction, that means, for them, we’re impeding people who work for them, and they would have to step back. Trying to help us get information regarding a potential move, so if GA decides to move, they can help.
Jody: Bottom line: right now we have union support. They checked the building and trade unions internally, which is why Gillespie backed off from his initial position. At the same time, if we impede workers, we will not have union support. Eiding asked us what we thought people would decide, and we told them we did not know. They said they would share information. They are aware of Reasonable Solutions Working Group. There is confusion on all levels of city & congress about RSWG, they think RSWG is bringing back what GA wants, they now understand RSWG does not represent OP. They understand Legal is mediator and not decision-making body. We were honest with city: Legal Collective will stand and bear witness to whatever happens, we will not leave people behind, there may be some people moving, individual people’s decisions, but LC will be in solidarity with people moving, and people staying.
Penelope: Will give you information as soon as possible.
Sheila (legal): Does GA want us to start looking into legal devices to stay, such as temporary restraining order, injunction?
Jody: We don’t know whether legal devices to stay would work, initially it doesn’t sound good, but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work.
1.- don’t think it’s necessary to straw poll, legal should always look into ALL our options….yes, legal should be empowered to do what legal does
[direct response from legal] of course we’ll look into, do you want us to act? hypothetically, if the eviction is happening tomorrow, it could happen before next GA.
2.- unions were considering doing something visual to indicate support…..have unions said what they’re willing to do in support of us?
[direct response from legal] unions are open to discussing ideas but cannot commit to something specific
3.- it would be good move to pursue injunction, it worked in OWS (for a few hours at least)
4. (Iwanka) when it comes to domino effects, are all these things that are now happening a result of Reasonable Solutions permit filed at 5pm tonight?
[direct response from legal] RSWG has applied for permit, but it has not yet been granted.
Chris G – application for permit is a public document, if they filed it, it would be available
Jessica – RSWG planned on filing a permit at 5, wasn’t in on time tonight as far as I know…..planning on doing it tomorrow……Bob Brady was at the meeting, supports RSWG permit.
Penelope: From union: Brady didn’t have correct info.
2 mini-activities as mandated by 11/11/11 GA. This is not “nonviolence training.”
1. de-escalation training
2. using your body as a blockade
request for no media, images could be used out of context
I believe in nonviolent Direct Action. If anyone thinks what we’re doing is violent, please talk to me afterwards.
“There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, becomes so sick at heart, that ……bodies upon the gears, and levels, etc, and you’ve got to make it stop, and must indicate that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all.”
GA moves to Cherry St. Room.
830pm, back in Race St. Room.
straw poll on changing process to consider Interfaith WG proposal without amendments
near-consensus on YES
Walter from Interfaith WG: Various faith communities from Philly area that are participating in Interfaith WG, reach out to Mayor to implore that he be a model of a new way of interacting with the Occupy Movement.
restate: feels like OP has responded differently than other cities, we as people of faith want to encourage Mayor to continue working with this group differently than how the mayor of, say, Oakland, or New York, has interacted with Occupy. We want GA support to speak as people of faith, in support of this movement,
Jacob: They could do it independently, they’re asking for our blessing.
Near-unanimous support, proposal passes.
Dave: we are going to move on to a discussion of a few different things, but first Khadijah will tell us about a PR meeting.
Kadija: I think there has been a failure around rapid response and stategy and i am proposing we have a meeting here (Friends meeting house) tomorrow at 6pm. We need to put the mayor in a place where he is responding to us and not us to him. I will put this on the Curfew Committee and the POC group. There have been some serious things going down with our messaging and we need some some PR and media.
Dave: We only have 20 min to start this discussion. So what ever happens at Dillsworth plaza this is not the end of our movement (clapping). First: 5 min breakout groups on the reasons that brought us all together in the first place. Second questions: where are we going? Third: what do we need to do tacticly to respond?
5-minute Breakout Groups: What issues brought us together in the first place?
Dave: we don’t have time for reportbacks but will take some stack on where we want this movement to go.
Open Stack (5 people): Where should we take this movement going forward?
Lauren: regardless of where this movement goes it needs to go there. We need to stay involved. In case of an eviction we have a perfect place to continue general assemblies– here at the Friends meeting house. So we should keep coming here if we are evicted– everyday at seven.
Viv: I love what is going on. I would encourage some direct action.
Larry: When I started in this movement I didn’t want to live in America any more. But that isn’t true any more, because of all of you. I don’t want to talk about Dilworth anymore. I don’t want to talk the mayor or city hall. I want to talk about going after the 1% – the people that brought us here.
Dera: We need to take this thing everywhere. Out of philly. We need to build a stronger team. We need more people.
Wispy: I agree with what Larry said. But want to bring the thunder a different place. I don’t want to talk about Dilworth. But I do want to talk about local issues. The mayor’s policies have been consistently anti-worker. Budget cuts to fire stations, etc.
Dave: That is all the time we have for that. Next question is what are we going to do tactically over the coming days/weeks to get to the place we want to go as a movement.
Open Stack (5 people): What do we need to do to get there?
Demi: The first thing we need to do is not let them separate us. We need to keep our village together.
Amy: I think one way we can push our message is stand for free speak and the right to assemble. We need to scream at the top of our lungs. We need to be prepared for what could happen. And stand for our basic rights.
Justin: I would like to bring back to the debate an idea that had a lot of support but sort of disappeared: occupying vacant buildings. It solves a lot of our problems. More radical than focusing on Dilworth, the winter is coming, and a place for people to move.
Peter: Yesterday I was in favor of staying at the plaza and now I am in favoring of moving. If we can get labor union support especially. And we should do work in North Philly, etc.
Jacob: I think this last month plus has been a immense training ground. We learned amazing skills, how to fight racism, democracy, organize, male domination. We don’t need the plaza anymore! We are one movement!
Legal: We talked to our lawyers: we are at a different place than other Occupations because the city has a legitimate legal claim against us (construction) and is not necessarily infringing on our First Amendment rights in asking us to move.
Messaging: We finally released an outreach message. I have copies of this message and I would like everyone to be a distributer.
Bri: Three things that I want everyone to think about. There is a national movement to abolish corporate personhood. Second: it is really easy to hate on corporations and is much harder to remove your support for them. Third: Vacant buildings and growing our own food.
Michael: I just came from OWS. I want to update you one what is going on. If you want to come talk to me after GA come find me. And we can learn from each other.
Gadget: Someone offered to move any tents or other things to another location. He did say if it was on federal land it would get the attention of Obama.
Vanessa: I’m from Occupy Philly Media. The Facebook page has not added the new admins yet so there is capacity issues with them getting out info. Go to we are really trying to do some rumor control. And I encourage you all use the website– anyone can create a log in and post things. And we should really document everything. Also, there is a lot of really bad press going out. So be very careful when you talk to press. Choose your words carefully. Also, when you see bad press comment on it and put out good information. We need to put out more information that is accurate– we need to flood their pages with comments. You can also email the reporters directly.
Wispy: Here is announcment from OWS: If people want to head up to NYC at 7am to help shut down Wall St. There is breakfast – shut down wallstreet. Lunch- people telling stories in public. Dinner- unions marching on the Brooklyn Bridge. And here there is a Fight for Philly march starting at Dilworth at 4pm.
Celebration: Candlelight Vigil.
[notes taken by Dave & Ian]

General Assembly Discussion about Expansion/Eviction for November 8, 2011

  • Key:
    • X = option did not receive majority support
    • ? = GA was unsure
    • ★ = option received clear majority support

General Assembly Spectrogram Results 11/8/11

X – Thomas Paine Plaza
X – another outdoor location
X – an indoor location
X – Thomas Paine Plaza and another location
X – multiple locations (not including Thomas Paine Plaza)
★ – and make public statement
★ – and make demands
?  – oppose construction or not oppose construction
EXPAND (stay & expand):
?  – to Thomas Paine Plaza
?  – to other outdoor space (not Thomas Paine Plaza)

X – to indoor space

General Assembly Discussion about Expansion/Eviction for November 7, 2011

Open Stack on Options:

  • – stay AND go, perhaps to an indoor place that we want to re-open, and create a community there
  • – use our moving as leverage for demands (to be defined)
  • – should accept the reality that many Occupiers have life obligations that precede OP, some have resources & others don’t. Make OP a place for people to redistribute what they have — residences, skills, etcetera.
  • – after mayoral election (Tuesday 11/8/11), the situation might change
  • – pursue permit at Thomas Paine Plaza immediately, expand across the street, get supply lines established so we can serve those there and here (in Dilworth)
  • – Occupy Portland holds 3 parks. Some can stay and some can go. If you do move, organize it so that it can function in winter, and make it look attractive and inviting so that when the public looks in, they want to join it.

Breakout Group Reportbacks:

  • – worried about dividing the camp
  • – indoor space?
  • – could turn to Friends Center for help
  • – we should choose our battles, this movement is more important than just a place
  • – we have leverage, should use it
  • – this is the first opportunity to really stand for something
  • – look for indoor and outdoor space, make our space look exciting and inviting
  • – concern that we’re too small
  • – want to be inviting to average person
  • – need for an inreach group
  • – need for a conflict resolution team
  • – occupy the rest of City Hall
  • – abandoned buildings
  • – make a Craigslist of places to squat
  • – take over multiple parks, hospitals, schools, symbolic places
  • – city might kick us out of next place we occupy
  • – we need to keep unions in mind
  • – perhaps we should make an issue that the Dilworth renovation doesn’t FULLY address disabled issues, and we might not mind moving if it did
  • – get an injunction against city
  • – decision should be made by individuals and not by city
  • – occupy symbolic buildings
  • – winterization is very important, have warm houses available, bring hot soup and coffee around the clock to protests & sites
  • – use money to secure storage facility for blankets and tents for staying warm
  • – important to explore possibility of occupying schools & hospitals as symbolic
  • – important to have visibility from outside
  • – important not to leave without demands
  • – consider Divine Lorraine hotel as location
  • – start setting up our own society: schools, healthcare, grow food in vacant lots
  • – leave physical evidence we were here, like a plaque
  • – remain in support of one another
  • – a central spot is important
  • – occupying buildings
  • – should make demands but be aware city might renege
  • – should show city we are here to improve it
  • – abandoned spaces, some occupiers have expertise on that subject
  • – visibility is important
  • – occupy more than 1 indoor space
  • – have some people scout other locations, if there are liens we might need to pay them
  • – insurance to cover buildings
  • – still need centralized meeting space
Open Stack:
  • – need to be more visible, more marches
  • – don’t forget who we are fighting against: banks and corporations
  • – we need to make a stand
  • – lost thousands of trade jobs (steel, carpentry, building), need to focus on that
  • – taking buildings is challenging property laws, this was tried in Oakland and people were teargassed and beaten for it, keep that in mind
  • – concerned with safety of abandoned buildings & ability to withstand physical occupation
  • – abandoned buildings often not accessible to those with disabilities
  • – 18% of Americans have a disability, need to keep that in mind so we don’t become the 81%
  • – winterization is important
  • – need to make sure everyone has resources like water & food
  • – fight is lost if we lose morale
  • – if we take a building, hang a sing “taken by the 99%”, this would garner support
  • – victory belongs to those who believe the most and have fortitude
  • – don’t bring too much attention to Divine Lorraine, developers might hear of our interest and turn it into condos
  • – we are strong but need to be stronger
  • – think how to get strong people to join with us, through marches or other outreach
  • – we need to do some manufacturing and fundraising
  • – people might want to help but don’t know how
  • – try to increase convenience and urgency of donations
  • – raise appealing signs since the old ones (facing the streets, for instance) have been lost/damaged
  • – look at our assets
  • – contact companies for donations (like any group does, Boy Scouts, for example)
  • – should build structures similar to new warming station (at 15th & JFK)
  • – take over properties that people own or manage and are willing to give
  • – a map was presented of what Thomas Paine Plaza could look like if we choose to expand there, we can make a solid well-thought-out winterized camp that serves all our needs and stays visible, with expansion potential to Love Park

General Assembly Discussion about Expansion/Eviction  November 6, 2011

Strategic Implications of Staying — Breakout Group Report-backs:

  • – if eventually moved by police, we should stay here as long as we can, stay symbolically
  • – may lose energy by staying, may cause bad PR
  • – good opportunity to make demands, clarify why we’re here
  • – don’t think it would cause movement to lose steam
  • – should discuss ramifications of leaving with trade unions
  • – people should be trained on resistance tactics
  • – should stay until forced out because we are here primarily to occupy
  • – moving will cause a loss of interest, we need to show government we truly want change
  • – we’re not here to move just because the government wants us to move
  • – should not downplay disability issues surrounding renovation, should echo their struggle
  • – preparedness is important, there are different people with different needs
  • – some can’t endure confrontation/arrest for medical, physical, legal reasons
  • – regardless of decision we should be strategizing and organizing
  • – the goal is to gain support regardless of decision we make
  • – solidarity with each other and other occupations is paramount
  • – get more people involved in training for arrest support, nonviolent resistance
  • – Dilworth disability issues are legitimate, we should contact unions and try to make Dilworth accessible ourselves
  • – as for PR, the history of the movement shows that numbers grow after groups resist eviction
  • – community involvement is important, we should stay to represent other oppressed groups in the city
  • – this is not about us, it’s about us doing what’s right for the 99%
  • – we need to think about what will increase our numbers
  • – we need public participation, not public sympathy
  • – this is an occupation, Dilworth is not sacred ground
  • – it’s not where you stay, it’s how you stay
  • – whatever we choose/do, make it thoughtful and strategic
  • – show solidarity with other occupations by resisting like they did
  • – staying will potentially raise issues around police brutality
  • – we need to make demands of the city
  • – staying could force city to concede on issues important to 99%
  • – must put fear aside
  • – use symbolism of staying to our advantage
  • – it’s important to get to know our neighbors in the occupation so we can count on them when/if it gets tough
  • – homeless population is involved by default
  • – resisting move would increase media presence
  • – reiterate importance of solidarity
  • – public perception might go against us because of particulars of renovation (access for disabled americans, union jobs)
  • – we should get a permit to open options
  • – people can stay if they want
  • – eminent domain is being used here, city should give us a check for leaving
  • – leave and come back after they’re done with renovation

Additional Strategic Concerns (individual):

  • – solidarity
  • – 11/15 is not set in stone
  • – it’s a waste of energy to move, see today’s Ron Paul TPP expansion experiment as example
  • – homeless people are part of project, need to maintain solidarity with them
  • – staying will strengthen our movement
  • – should use this spotlight to draw attention to issues that haven’t been addressed
  • – make demands on city on behalf of the under-represented
  • – if our relationship with the police becomes antagonistic, the whole tenor of this occupation could change
  • – suggestion for proposal to to ask city about logistics of construction project and need to move so we can have all necessary information and act accordingly
  • – we are part of national/international movement and need to be seen as strong and standing our ground
  • – need to prove we’re in it for the long haul
  • – this movement should be 100% nonviolent; uncomfortable with Ron Paul guy having a gun today
  • – remember MOVE incident, city has bad history of engagement with dissidents
  • – whatever we do, do it together
  • – there is no middle ground
  • – we should plan for what happens after eviction
  • – we can’t let the needs of the few (disabled Americans, in this case) block the needs of the many
  • – likely “Protesters Halt City Beautification Project” headline is terrible PR
Logistic Implications of Staying — Breakout Group Report-backs:
  • – dedicate time & energy at every GA to direct action training, nonviolent resistance training
  • – people are understandably fearful of conflict, training can help
  • – there are good ways to resist and use nonviolence
  • – reach out to other Occupations for assistance
  • – Occupy Wall Street has a GA proposal to distribute assets to other Occupations
  • – nuts and bolts of resisting eviction need to be emphasized: legal issues, bail funds, know your rights training, media and tech support for good communication
  • – Media and Legal WGs should be prepared for mass arrests
  • – we need to figure out what to do with people’s stuff in case of mass arrests
  • – Medical should be prepared for conflict
  • – these kinds of preparations should be done anyway
  • – important to decentralize key infrastructure, breakup tech/media/medical tents
  • – should have plan for what to do when “Warning for Dispersal” is given
  • – there is too much black/white thinking on this issue, we should avoid namecalling and people who go should support those who are staying
  • – Dilworth is better than Thomas Paine Plaza for winterization because of trees and other features
  • – prepare to lose electricity, bring in generators
  • – reiterate need for nonviolent resistance training, direct action training, safety training, etc
  • – outreach with community groups and other Occupations is useful
  • – possible Pledge to Resist on paper
  • – suggestion to hold 20-minute safety and nonviolent resistance workshops at GA
  • – people have different needs regarding risk
Additional Logistic Concerns (individual):
  • – resistance could be beautiful, picture us with arms locked surrounding our space
  • – need to bring logistics down to personal level of how we treat each other
  • – historical perspective: authority always removes any signs of organization first (medic, food, tech)…these should be split up
  • – symbols also are removed first
  • – as for PR, must be VERY careful about how things appear
  • – the wider world has not yet heard of violence in our Occupation
  • – PR-wise, truth is secondary to imagery, keep that in mind

General Assembly Discussion about Expansion/Eviction  November 5, 2011 – One month

Strategic Implications of Moving — Working Group Report-Backs:
  • – moving would strategically weaken us, take away ability to make demands
  • – make it clear that we are moving to support activists who fought for accessible SEPTA stations and create jobs — proactive, for the community
  • – most important strategy is solidarity — moving is a way to build a city with our values
  • – if we move the working groups, some people will want to remain
  • – if we move, we should make specific demands of the city — support the homeless, support accessibility
  • – leave on our terms, on our calendar. we can put the burden on them to decide what to do with us
  • – weather is getting cold — moving into a vacant building might create a more lasting space
  • – if there’s not enough space at the the new location, we’d have to ask for more
  • – should talk to mayor and see if he is on our side — have a consolidated idea
  • – symbolic power of staying in perceived center of power
  • – relocating to a more hospitable place for the winter
  • – if we move, we should be proactive
  • – if we move, we lose a strategic opportunity to draw focus to other evictions: foreclosures, utility shutoffs, etc.
  • – before we vote, we need to know whether we’ll have a permit for the new location
  • – some feel this project only benefits the wealthy
  • – project will also benefit the handicapped and the 99%
  • – we need to figure out where the money is coming from
  • – this project may be in direct conflict with what we’re doing here
Additional Strategic Concerns (individual):
  • – other Occupys have been evicted and returned stronger — if we stay
  • – if we leave we may be seen as weak
  • – we’ve been creating a map for a possible winter city (map presented to GA)
  • – if we move, we may be seen as reasonable
  • – possibility of expansion
  • – some people want to stay and participate in civil disobedience — we also need a space for those who don’t
  • – we need to protect things important to our movement — we could move Working Groups across the street, then decide the rest
  • – the decision that we make is what we decide together about how we can survive and keep our voices going
  • – there are those who don’t want to leave but are not prepared for an act of nonviolent civil disobedience — we should facilitate a space on how to resist nonviolently
  •  – the plaza project is a direct result of activists fighting for equal rights and is in line with our values
  •  – someone took their tent across the street (to Thomas Paine Plaza) and was asked to leave or face possible arrest
Logistic Implications of Moving — Working Group Report-Backs:
  • – the best way to move is as one group
  • – move during day or at night?
  • – moving across the street would be [illegible] but not sure if there’s electric
  • – Code Blue (under 20 degrees) is an issue wherever we are outside — homeless are forced to go inside because it is dangerous outside — will affect us
  • – moving inside will be more difficult and lose symbolism
  • – Sierra Club and other organizations have offered to help us winterize — we can definitely do this
  • – should move essential WG tents first
  • – staying in solidarity with those who stay
  • – permit situation across street unclear — we may want to bring more tents over and see what city’s reaction is
  • – propose moving elsewhere in City Hall — other sides, courtyards, surrounding blocks, to maintain visibility — would help with winterization
  • – difficult to detach logistics from strategy — because all the logistics presented to us by the city are also strategies
  • – should explore more options besides the location the city offered us
  • – we can still be visible inside — can do direct actions, e.g. shutting down Market Street bridge
  • – offer to people living here to be trained in nonviolent civil disobedience
  • – could be a beautiful act of civil disobedience
Additional Logistic Concerns (individuals):
  • – for children, there is a shelter at 29th street
  • – if we move, it needs to be a spectacle — Freedom Trail style, unified
  • – if we move, we should also make our demands
  • – is it wheelchair accessible across the street?
  • – we should talk about expanding, not moving — infrastructure will improve by moving some of it

General Assembly:         October 12, 2011              12 Noon               Day 7

Ivan Facilitated

–          We need more facilitators for the noon GAs.  Not just MC, but stack-taker, runner, input/gatekeeper and celebration.

–          Working Group report backs

  • Legal read the content of the letter from the city.
  • Safety and Medic announced that they need 3 feet room between tents.  They may make future proposal.
  • Facilitation announced a meeting at 6pm and training at 9pm.

–          Proposal – To move GA to Friends Center during inclement weather

  • Note: the working group from CoCo, who came up with the proposal disappeared, and people had to speculate answers to the questions.
  • Clarification and concerns (not many).
  • Friendly amendment from tech to specify “extreme”.
  • Passed overwhelmingly (>9/10ths)

–          Celebration


General Assembly:         October 12, 2011              7PM                       Day 7

–          Vote to stay: Passed

–          Ground rules and Housekeeping

  • Stack-takers – Valerie & Marcus
  • Agenda – Jesse
  • Report Back – Representatives (should go find stack)

–          People of Color Group – Kadija

  • Repeal Philadelphia curfew.
  • Meeting tomorrow at 5:30 at SE Corner, please show up if interested in helping.

–          Protecting our Water – Aaron

  • Tomorrow at 9:30, City Council votes on resolution to sue the gas companies.
  • We should go in and tell them to ban fracking – flyers

(Need 2 people to do mic check facing backwards)

–          LGBTQ – Max

  • This group just started last night
  • 1st official meeting at NE Corner, meet after GA and we’ll decide where we’re going.  All are welcome.

–          Medic – Miguel

  • Safety issue – tents keep them in rows with 3 feet in between, so it can be wheelchair accessible, avoid potential safety or fire issues
  • I have a map if anyone needs one.

–          Message – Alec

  • As of last night, a committee formed to figure out what the fuck this is all about.
  • Your grievances: city, state, national and worldwide levels needed.
  • Meeting at SE Corner after GA, and if raining too hard we will relocate.

–          Art – Xander

  • Scheduling – educators come to art and schedule with me for full audience.
  • Someone is going on their own and setting up performances.

–          Education – Aaron

  • Schedule is posted at our tent at SE corner near library
  • Tomorrow: Security culture, de-escalation, homeless awareness, culture of peace, walking tour and more.  See schedule

–          Facilitation – Rachel

  • Who is planning to come to facilitation training tonight at 9pm?
  • It will be led by Rachel in NE Corner
  • Meetings everyday at 6pm, same place.  We need you!

–          Info – Dave

  • Today I took part in the Labor Meeting with Union 1199C, the first Union to support the occupation.  They will be donating sleeping gear and food.  Show love when they come down.

–          Tech – Randy

  • Need assista modems, mobile hotspot computers, anything that may help us.
  • Trying to build a broadcast station – Live Feed.
  • Living document of history won’t allow them to frame conversations any longer.
  • Volunteers in all areas meet here at 10PM after GA.  We need you!

–          Messaging – Curtis

  • Formed yesterday, large support surveys are going around at info tent and library.
  • Please stick it in yellow envelop.

–          Vibe Check on Rain: we moved to meeting house.

–          No food or drink in meeting house (rules of Friends Assoc)

–          Sanitation – Jim

  • We are getting portable toilets (2).  Thank you Septa
  • Good reputation for keeping clean.  We want to keep it that way.

–          Comfort – Clark

  • We have lots of ponchos and tarps.  All blankets distributed at 9pm.
  • Need volunteers.

–          Safety – Jerome

  • Stay together, no violence, keep it calm

–          Legal

  • Clarify our role as working group – We are not lawyers, we are occupiers.
  • We work as liaisons to GA with communication with city.
  • City sent a Letter with their concerns
  • Here is what we think are issues of concern:
    • Letter could be a sign of a problematic power dynamic
    • Said we agreed to move when construction starts (permit does not say this)
    • Tech tent
    • What qualifies as a walkway
    • Police have taken pictures and done walk throughs.
  • Suggested demands from Legal to City
    • No more police walk throughs
    • No rushing us

–          Discussion: Stack Open

  • How should we respond?
  • Joe – celebrities from Philly could be contacted to support us.
  • Should reject everything in the letter if only to maintain power.
  • Question about construction:
    • Are we expected to move? When?
  • Answer: we knew we might move, but never agreed to it.
  • Clarification about police taking pictures – What does this mean?
    • Seems to be anything they find objectionable.
    • There are surveillance cameras.
  • Concern with respect for meetings and representatives, our focus is direct democracy, not representative democracy.
  • Anyone who goes is only a messenger and not decision maker.
  • Posting a schedule for a meeting?  We have yet to decide
    • For us to move to Love Park, we would have to reduce in size by ¾.
    • Relocation committee in place? – Not yet, but a good idea but we don’t tell the city.
  • Concern to moving, to move would be a concession.  Once you start concessions, it might not end.
  • Reminder we do not need a permit.
  • Cops do not have enough money to kick us out, so they are doing this to bide time.
  • Free electricity? – No we are tax payers, that is our money being spent.
  • City recognizes our strength. They do not want to raid.  If we negotiate, we need to have demands.
    • Access to city hall bathrooms
    • No police walkthroughs
    • Permanent housing for homeless in our occupation.

–          Straw Poll to see if we should continue: Clear Majority to Continue

–          Stack open for 10 more people

  • Happy about this letter.  We are in a position to win.  Police should come to GA.  City is lying about permit. Construction is to build an ice skating rink for rich kids.  We can expose them.
  • Should we not use media to communicate things we don’t want police to know
  • Concern about giving into their demands – is this a negotiation?
  • City is trying to divide and conquer.  We never agreed to move, they want us to disagree with each other.
  • Is there a cold weather committee
  • Is there a national conversation
  • Question about construction – when?
  • Tents might be getting ready to move again.  We need to defend the people who moved in to these spaces
  • Can we have meetings be broadcast or invite people to GA
  • Are they coming in with bulldozers? – can we contact construction Unions
  • Concern about City Hall as location legitimizes what City Hall represents.  We need to converse on our terms.
  • Neighborhood is cramped maybe consider expanding instead of relocation.

–          Tabled by Straw Poll

–          Announcements

  • Trying to build a blog, occupy philly voices tumbler suite,
  • Presentation will go on about PHU NA BON rain or no rain.
  • Walk out at Temple, a week from Friday will be gathering at Bell Tower and marching down Broad St.
  • Wool is better to donate then cotton, as we get into winter, bed bugs and fleas may become a problem, maybe sprays.
  • Bicycle repairt tent near Comfort.  Neighborhood Bike Works donated.  Open everyday from 2-5PM.
  • UPenn meeting around library after GA
  • Smoking makes it hard to breathe maybe think about a conversation
  • Show at Headhouse, donating all proceeds to occupation.  Ruby Rose Misfits Network.
  • Homeless shelter on Ridge Ave is actually scheduled to close
  • Friday at 4pm, march on Rittenhouse Square, Join us!
  • We may consider going underground in subways to stay dry
  • Kids march on Saturday, musicians welcome.  The kids would love it.
  • Cherry St. Room in Friends is open till 9:30PM

–          Celebration – Rachel

General Assembly:         October 13, 2011              7PM                       Day 8

–          Ground rules and Housekeeping

  • MC – Tom
  • Report Back – Corey Facilitation Working Group.  Tech has longer report back on today’s online fiasco.

–          Proposal 1:

  • One GA per day at 7PM.
  • Campsite Meeting at Noon, Occupation Camp Assembly concerning issues for settlers.

–          Amendment

  • 1 GA for weekdays and then 2 GAs on weekends: Straw poll passed
  • Add all Noon GA info gets presented to PM GA: Straw poll passed

–          Formal Vote – Passed

–          Proposal 2:  Via Legal, NLG and ACLU

  • 2-3 reps from each working group to meet with City to relay Occupation concerns and demands.  (tomorrow at 6PM)

–          Amendments

  • Demand alternative occupation site.  What will the City do? – Did Not Pass
  • Change meeting to join GA on Fridays – Did Not Pass
  • Change meeting to 5PM(recorded, mayor calls Bloomberg, city intentions for the 15th – Did Not Pass
  • Move the 15th (invitation, explanation of our process) – Did Not Pass
  • Participants cycled through, not just from working groups, people could come forward at GA and be randomly selected – Did Not Pass
  • Table issue until collective core and demands are collected in writing to deliver to City, our timeline. – PASSED

–          Straw Poll to continue – PASSED

–          Announcements

  • One tried to start motion
  • Anarchist identification

General Assembly:         October 14, 2011              12Noon                Day 9

–          Noon GAs are now Peoples’ Mic – no decisions.

–          Survey committee to change surveys to ask for needs.

  • Working for survey toward a message

–          We need porto pots

–          We need volunteers for working groups

–          There was a paint can thrown on the south side of the plaza – Was Not Us!

–          We have 60% support from Philly

–          Occupy world

  • LA and Seattle offering solidarity

–          If we have to leave in November, can we get housing?

 General Assembly:         October 16, 2011              7PM                       Day 11

–          Working Group report backs

  • Porto potties
    • Leaking human waste
    • Couple new ones (1199)
    • At night, close porto potties for mobility issues
    • Please use the ones across the street
  • Safety
    • 24/7
    • Trainings twice a day for nonviolent de-escalation.
    • Harassment , please respect personal space boundaries
    • Stolen items, don’t leave valuable things in tents.
    • Friendliness, not to be confused with sexual advances.
  • Info
    • Events most go to info table for schedule (what, when, where)
  • Direct Action
    • At the Medic Tent
      • Alternative meds
      • Acupuncture
      • Massage
      • Herbs
      • 2:30 medic tent class
      • 5pm Prof. Gross
        • What is and what is not legal
        • Meet at 4:45 Safety tent
        • March training
          • Locked arms
          • Resistant
          • Arrests
          • 11Am march regional US
            • Market & Juniper St
            • 15th and Market Rally
            • Saturday, anti-bank action 11AM
              • As many people as possible
  • Messaging
    • List of demands
    • Surveys, there’s a new one
    • 5:45PM tomorrow
  • Legal
    • They are confused/frustrated
    • Never negotiate with city, they are just reporting back from the city
    • Cities and states have rules about freedom of speech.
    • Can’t video or record anyone without consent
    • 2 arrests
      • He is homeless and angry, but we’re here
      • Find out court date and advocate for him
      • Not the ACLU nor National Lawyers Guild
        • They just have experience.
        • Legal trainings, know your rights
        • Court/jail solidarity
    • Workshop on safe sex
    • Meeting after GA
    • All are welcome
  • Facilitation
    • 6PM by 15th and JFK
    • Need more facilitators
    • Learn how to facilitate
    • Sign up sheet at facilitation table
  • Homeless Advocacy
    • Need support for cold winter weather
    • Homeless need support
    • We are not leaving!
    • Budget cuts so not much room/support from shelters
    • 2:30 lower level meeting
  • Communication
    • English as a second language
    • Education training near library at 8:30PM
    • Classes: 10:30AM-philosophy & goals / 5:30PM-spirituality / 6PM-ecology & SOC / 8PM-women
  • Internal Communication
    • Facilitating flow of info with working groups
    • Issues: overlapping times
    • Organize meeting times
    • Mutual aid
    • People’s proposals in communication corner
    • Community forum for post Nov 15th.
    • Meeting after GA
  • Access
    • 5:30 by ramps, meeting for people with disabilities & those who want support
  • Media
    • Independent media center established (white tent)
    • Meeting after GA, with photographer, videographer, etc.
    • Hackathon
  • Tech
    • Facilitate power to different work groups
    • Internet access (wifi)
    • Charging station
    • Donated laptops are needed.
  • Safer spaces
    • Community norms
      • Intro to GAs
      • Sober & smoke free space
  • Comfort
    • Tents, tarps, blankets, bedding, rainproof gear, WOOL, boots, thermals, toiletries, backpacks, egg crates, pallets, batteries, solar flashlights.
    • HELP
    • Robyn is missing, look for her.  Report to medic if you’ve heard from her.
  • Medic
    • Missing person (Robyn)
    • If you have seen her, write it down and report to safety.

–          Discussion

  • Summary of Letter from Deputy Mayor – Straw Poll
  • What will our response to the city be
  • Brainstorming: overall approach
    • Old point: Acknowledge demands without acquiescing to them – AGREED
    • Old point: We are also releasing this to the press – AGREED
    • New Point: Using a polite and respectful tone – AGREED
    • New Point: Clarifying questions about city’s requests – AGREED
  • Brainstorming: Meeting with the City
    • Old point: We will meet with the city weekly – ??????
    • Old point: Council to come here – AGREED
    • Old point: Meet with the City at GA
    • Old point: We will meet on neutral ground – AGREED
    • Old point: Recorded
    • New Point: Alternate meeting spots
  • Permit
    • Old point: Permit has no date – AGREED
    • Old point: Instead of an ice rink, put money towards education, healthcare and housing – AGREED
    • Old point: Anticipate no end to the occupation. – AGREED
    • Old point: What the occupation has done for the homeless & poor exceeds anything they have done. – AGREED
  • City’s Concerns about Safety’
    • Old point: We know how to secure tech tent – AGREED
    • Old point: Fire union to train us and give us extinguishers – ?????
    • Old point: Pallet house 20ft from City Hall – AGREED
    • Old point: If City is concerned they should stop brown outs – AGREED
  • Police concerns & illegal acts
    • Old point: Lots of money on police overtime – AGREED
    • Old point: We don’t need police 24/7 – AGREED
    • Old point: Remove undercover cops, monitoring, walkthroughs & pictures. – AGREED
    • Old point: Public urination – let us use the public City Hall bathrooms – AGREED
    • New point: Police needed from dusk till dawn, not during the day.

–          Proposal: Occupy Philly designate a sober/smoke free area

  • Kids zone and parallel area next to City Hall because its handicapped accessible.
  • Clarifying Questions:
    • Can we make a small section for smoking?
    • Goes all the way to the library and sidewalk
    • Don’t sell people out for not being sober, politely ask them to leave
    • All of us have to support the rules that we make.
  • Concerns:
    • Smoking zones/nonsmoking zones
    • Whole area a sober zone, so it makes us look better to the public
    • Where will the people go who already have tents set up.
    • Space is too small
    • No sober zone because it makes us look bad to the public that the rest of the place is a “wasted zone”
  • Straw Poll – non conclusive
  • Amendment – Move the non-smoking to the other side where there are fewer tents (near media & tech)
  • Straw Poll – Table discussion
  • Vote – Yes to Table

–          Announcements

  • 10:30AM Philosophy & goals
  • 11AM Jobs rally
  • 3PM Reimaging Philly
  • 4PM Harvey’s homeless walking tour
  • 4PM Anarchism
  • LGBTQ Safer sex meeting
  • Reading demand draft – M

General Assembly:         October 17, 2011              7PM                       Day 12

–          Curfew Ordinance vote 10AM Thursday

–          Wednesday protest – Actions & outreach to educate

  • Petitions!

–          Report on ourselves –

  • We are Media!
    • New email for media related materials:
    • Send photos & videos so that they can go on the website
    • Alert media if reporters from MSM are at the occupation to get out message.
  • Peoples Law School
    • Starts on Wednesday, 6 days a week
    • Legal has a table now
    • Arrest hotline phone #: 267-702-0477 (24/7)
  • LGBT Meeting with Straight Allies
    • North side of City Hall after GA
  • Invest in your credit unions, move your money, take your money back, go to info tent for more info.
  • Training and Education
    • 10:30AM Philosophy
    • 2PM Nonviolence
    • 2:30PM Direct Action
    • 3PM Dramatic Reading
    • 4PM Harvey’s homeless walking tour
    • 5:30PM Spiritual Development & Street Med Training
    • 8PM Power of women teaching group – articlefound@Lib
  • Safety
    • We are not the police or personal mediators
    • Talk to your neighbors! Police ourselves
    • Learn to deescalate a situation
    • Open to everyone for training: tonight after GA at Safety Tent
    • Watch and be responsible for your own belongings
    • See safety before de-escalation training to become involved with Safety
    • Safety is a safe space
  • Survey from Messaging
    • New survey tomorrow on specific actions we would like to see from this movement.
    • Survey at Survey/Message table, come by and make voice heard
    • 5:45PM message meeting group at SW corner by library.
  • Direct Action
    • March at 2:30 – Healthcare Horror Tour
      • Insurance, hospitals and pharma companies in area
      • 5PM petition signing rally for Healthcare For Philly
      • Direct Action training started today (2times/week), times to come soon, so check Direct Action table
      • Facilitated legal training (to be announced)
  • Food – Need volunteers & ideas are welcome!
  • Media
    • Need camera people for coverage
    • Podcast live Wednesday at 3PM & comedy show
  • Access working group
    • Disabilities booth and ramp to come
    • Meetings at 5:30PM to 6PM at ramp

–          City letter discussion

  • Collective decision and put in writing on Letter (need volunteers to draft letter & put in writing)
  • Talking Points (27)
    • Section 1: Police concerns & legal action
      • 1. Non need for police 24/7 – lot of support
      • 2. Only needed from dusk to dawn
      • 3. Remove undercover cops – a lot of support
      • 4. Public urination – grant access to bathrooms
      • Clarifying Questions: combine 1&3, be more specific with proposal, police are not allowed to carry any weapons, and removal of cameras on our public spaces
      • Supermajority on Point 1 – included in letter
      • Supermajority on – No pictures for Point 1
      • Supermajority on Point 3 – PASS
      • Point 2 will not be included in proposal
      • No supermajority on limiting the carrying of lethal weapons or tasers
      • Supermajority to include the removal of all police cameras from public spaces in the letter
      • Section 2: Safety Concerns
        • We know how to secure our tech tent – Majority
        • Stop fire station brownouts when homeless have permanent housing – Majority
        • Fire Union to provide extinguishers and fire safety lessons – on our own accord – Majority
        • Section 3: Meeting with City
          • Point 1 – Elected officials should communicate – Failed
          • Point 2 – Should meet on our terms – Failed
          • Point 3 – Meet on neutral ground – Pass
          • Point 4 – Meetings to be recorded – Pass
          • Amendment – From “meet weekly” change to “happy to meet when we have concerns” – Pass
          • Section 4: Permit
            • Point 1: Feel betrayed – Pass
            • Point 2: Money could be better spent – Pass
            • Point 3: No end to Occupation – Pass
            • Point 4: We have done better for homeless – Failed
            • Amendments: Last point on homeless: “our occupiers”
              • Include with and without homes, all working together – Pass
              • Section 5: Overall Approach
                • Polite, respectful – Pass
                • Acknowledge demands – Pass
                • Ask clarifying questions – Fail
                • Release to press – Pass
                • New Topic
                  • Primary audience is public first, public statement – intro that explains who, why and what.
                    • Diverse group
                    • Bringing democracy to the 99%, who can’t buy political power
                    • Organizing new society in shell of old one
                    • Passed
  • Curfew should be addressed – Passed
  • Nominations

General Assembly:         October 18, 2011              7PM                       Day 13

–          Education at 8pm

–          Direct Action –

  • Tomorrow, 10/19 at 9:30AM.   Curfew – 9:30 Movie
  • Friday, 10/21 at 5pm – Meeting for ice rink
  • Saturday, 10/22 at 11AM

–          Legal – Friday at 2:30 – Know your rights.  Legal Hotline: 267-702-0477

–          Environment WG is getting a tent

–          Proposals

  • Proposal 1: General Proposal from Labor on Time Limited GA – Passed w/ Amendment
    • Discussion time to 1 and a half hours, ending at 8:30pm
    • Go to 9pm and extend as needed.
  • Concerns:
    • Not enough time to get it done
    • Will not be able to get announcements to 30 seconds each
    • How can we put a time on Democracy
    • We need time to do it right
  • Amendment
    • 2 hours in place of 1& ½ hours, so end at 9pm – Passed
    • Prioritize before working groups – Failed
    • Vote on time each night as needed, to be done at 8:45pm – Passed
  • Proposal 2:  Via the Messaging Working Group to Reach out with a letter to D.C. to host first National GA on Friday, November 25th, Black Friday.
    • Letter read aloud
  • Questions
    • Why are we doing this? – Solidarity
    • Why D.C.? – Target Law Makers
    • What is being done with other cities and will it be putting everything on D.C.?
    • Do we know anyone in D.C.? – Yes, they love the idea.
  • Concerns:
    • If not here, what happens to our occupyphilly.
    • Diversity of D.C. in Diversity
    • We do not have funds for travel
    • Fantastic idea and Philly is the home of democracy.
    • No law makers will be in D.C.  People have to do work on Black Friday
    • We are deciding for all cities and working on the data and time.
    • Travel from the West Coast
    • Ask NYC not DC.  Looks like we’re lobbying.
    • Policy on moving occupations
  • Amendments
    • Move date – November 6th , Pipeline
    • Add other occupy’s
    • Send to NYC not DC
    • Change from National to Regional
    • Have regional and then national in NYC, date to be determined
    • Move to a closer date to keep momentum
    • Take out time and date to send to all occupy’s.  Regional GA soon than Black Friday.
    • Removed set dates and locations and integrating internet media
    • National GA with Date within year with up or down vote from occupies
    • Move to philly
    • Take this Rock and go global.  Bring entertainers at each occupy
  • Proposal 3: To send letter drafted by messaging committee to DC suggesting organization of a national march on Black Friday.
  • Amendments
    • Removed dates and times from letter and send to every occupy. (FA send worldwide) – Passed
    • Integrate internet communication – Passed
    • (sorry the amendments that were not passed, were not written down because of a situation that occurred during GA)
    • Suggest organization of Regional General Assemblies. – Passed

General Assembly:         October 21, 2011              7PM                       Day 16

–          Bottom Liner – Lang

–          Welcome – Jacob

–          Groundrules – Janelle

–          WG Reports & Stack – Rachel

–          City Letter

–          City council meeting

–          Occupt Chicago (Andy)

–          Peoples Mic


General Assembly:         October 22, 2011              7PM                       Day 17

–          Welcome – Monica

–          Groundrules – Evan

–          Working Group Announcements

  • Facilitators need volunteers to run GAs
  • Economic Justice wants to hold events to raise awareness about ice rink construction
  • Philosophy invites GA to events at 1, 2 & 3PM tomorrow.
  • Safety compels us to love our neighbor in order to create a better environment & be more effective.
  • Queer Alliance meets after GA to talk about workshops.  All are welcome.
  • Food seeks experienced volunteers to help feed the occupation.

–          General Announcements

  • People of police brutality protest risk arrest and require assistance from occupation.  Meet facilitator after the GA.  Cops are gearing to gas protesters.

–          Proposals:

  • Events committee proposes to cancel 7PM GA for concert
  • Questions:
    • Find a way to accommodate both
    • Could we have GA at Friends Center – NO
    • What time is the event – 12 to 12
    • What’s on GA agenda for tomorrow? – No one knows
  • Concerns:
    • We need to integrate GA with the festival to demonstrate how we work
    • If the festival and GA happen at the same time, then we will be divided.
  • Amendments:
    • Move GA somewhere else – Passed
    • Make time for GA in festival – Passed – 36votes to 5votes
    • Do AM GA with no vote – Failed

–          Announcements

  • Get people to 8th and Race Sts to show solidarity
  • Some occupiers are flying confederate flag, we should stop this.

General Assembly:         October 23, 2011              7PM                       Day 18

–          Welcome

  • Introduce GA to newcomers
  • Agenda
  • Groundrules
  • Hand signals

–          Working Group Announcements

  • Direct Action
    • Arrests at protest on police brutality
    • Police enforce policies of the 1%
    • Individuals chose to protest
    • Police facilitate inequality
      • White collar crime
      • Racism in neighborhoods
      • “Police Cooperation” is a strategy to keep us contained
      • Multiple working groups collaborated to plan march
      • Had a peaceful productive conversation in street.’
      • When police asked them to leave street, some chose to stay in protest
      • Statement was written by the sit-in protesters
      • (Opened for questions & concerns, but note taker need to take stack, so notes are not available)
  • Legal
    • Asking people to post bail
    • Charges will be filed soon, bail hearing is open to public.
  • Finance
    • Donations for bail can go through Occupy Philly account with Jobs for Justice.
  • Security – We haven’t had any major incidents & we are able to police ourselves

–          (10 minute recess to address an incident in the audience)

–          Motion to adjourn the GA – Passed

General Assembly:         October 25, 2011              7PM                       Day 20

–          Welcome

–          Ground rules

–          Working Group Announcements

  • Housing – Moussa
    • Building up to code, need volunteers to paint
    • Harvey’s Homeless tour
  • Legal
    • Arrest number: 484-758-0488
    • Meeting at 5:30PM on Friday, SE corner
  • Andrew – meeting after the GA
  • Found Debit Card of Kathleen Chandler
  • Message
    • Meetings at 5:45 in Friends Center
    • Meeting tomorrow at 4:45 to edit letter to the City
    • Reading of the new letter to the city
    • Concerns: support, trained staff
  • Open discussion – Safety
    • 30 minutes of concerns
  • Proposals
    • Approval of the letter to City Hall
      • Letter is not read, but distributed
      • Letter Passed with minor language adjustment Amendment
      • Proposal for way to deliver the message – Tabled
      • (A majority of notes were taken via laptop during the GA, so there are other, more detailed notes somewhere besides the GA notebook)
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