Discussion on Expansion, Resistance Continues

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Discussion was much calmer Sunday night than previous nights as the General Assembly focused on the logistics of staying at Dilworth Plaza, also known as the People’s Plaza.

The discussion was imminent due to the renovation project, slated to begin in November. A great deal of resistance surrounds the renovation project, let alone the discussion about whether to expand to other parts of the city or to resist eviction from People’s Plaza. This week’s discussion began Friday following a proposal by the Radical Caucus.

The proposal was simple: Occupy Philly should resist eviction. Members of the Caucus pointed to Philadelphia communities, hard hit not only by the economic crisis but also systematic neglect. Taking a stand, they said, is what we should do.

The proposal has drawn an emotional response from Occupiers on different levels, from those who wish to stay past November 15th, 2011 to those who wish to move from the People’s Plaza to another site. Others have suggested a compromise or tiered approach in which some would move and others would stay in order to resist eviction.

The Facilitation working group has structured the discussion across several days. The final vote will occur on Friday, November, 11, at 7 p.m. The Dilworth Plaza working group is currently taking ideas about all aspects concerning the next few steps in the process and what that means to Occupy.

Discussion will continue on Monday and Tuesday; facilitators ask that the discussion remain structured in order to enable as many people to participate as possible. The Sunday evening discussion focused on the strategies and logistics of leaving; Monday evening’s discussion focused on the strategies and logistics of staying. Tuesday’s discussion will involve discussing various options. A consensus vote will be taken on Wednesday before leaving the final decision to the Friday night GA.

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